The right dog fences for your four-legged friend

Dogs who want to leave the garden without permission – because next door are as tempting things as cats or other dogs – there are unfortunately many. Some dogs see it as a challenge, others have too much boredom and others walk on free feet. A dog jumping over the fence is as much of a danger to itself as to other quadrupeds and bipeds.

But how can you protect your property as a dog owner?

If you have dogs of medium size, such as a collie or labrador, the fence should be between 1.00 m to 1.20 m high.

If you have only a small dog, you probably do not need a fence with a height of 1.80 meters, because your dog can not jump so high. Please keep in mind, however, that small dogs like to dig and often try to undermine fences.

In order not to experience this scene with your own dog, our customers have already set whole fence foundations and cast in the fence directly. Still others use L-curbs and pole holders and have fixed the fence in the lower area. Just tell us what you are planning for your dog and together we will check which solution is best for you.

For small dogs is usually sufficient even an 80 cm high fence (visual marking). But if the little dog behaves very territorially and storms loudly barking at the fence, if anyone passes it, then the other people are frightened and the fence should be a little higher not only for the dog, but also for the reassurance of the people.

It is different with the “listed dog breeds”. Depending on the federal state, there are certain regulations on how high a fence must be for a particular dog breed – regardless of the size of the dog. Detailed information can be obtained in your local district offices or municipalities, since the regulations in the various federal states may differ.

As a rule of thumb we recommend for each type of dog a minimum height of the fence of 1.50 m. With a single-bar mat fence or double- rod matting you are well advised. If you are looking for a low-priced alternative to the single-rod or double-rod matting fence , you will find this in the wire mesh fence . How to get your property with the help of a chain link fence dog safe, we explain to you on our side: fence the property in a dog safe.

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