Eye Makeup – What Colors Should I Wear on My Eyes?

For some of us, choosing our eye makeup is just about as easy as drafting a treaty on world peace. There are the ever-changing makeup trends that tell us we should have a new look every season of the year. Most people pushing this advice conveniently have just the colors you should be wearing. I am here to tell you that there are some things that don’t change. I am not saying not to update your look every once in a while, but chances are your eye color hasn’t changed in the last ten years, so why would the basic colors you wear change? Here are some basic guidelines that are tried and true in choosing your eye makeup colors for a stunning look, time after time.

BLUE EYES: Oh to have those blue eyes that could seduce any man alive. For your eyeliner you should choose a warm brown or taupe color. For your shadow anything that is soft peach, warm rich brown or warm taupe will make you sparkle.

GREEN EYES: Scarlett O’Hara, For liners, those with Irish eyes should stick to taupe, purple (or violet) and reddish-brown shades. For your eyeshadow, you should choose soft violets, soft peaches, deep purples, warm taupes and golden browns

BROWN EYES: Brown eyes…they are deep and soulful and not to mention inspirational. “Brown-eyed Girl” was not written for a gal with blue eyes after all. You girls should choose your liners from browns, charcoals, taupes and purples. Your shadows should include golden brown, blues (but not the wild blues from the 60’s…)greens, charcoal and purple. There really are very few limits with brown eyes, you are free to experiment and most anything is going to look good on you, you sexy thing.

GREY EYES: For this eye color, stick to charcoal and rich brown for liners and purple, cool brown or charcoal for eye shadow.

For hazel eyes, it depends on what color hazel you have. If you have blue/green hazel eyes, you can wear any of the recommended colors for blue or green eyes. You lucky duck you. If you have green/brown hazel eyes then you should stick with the green eye recommendations.

But remember that you should keep in mind that your skin tone will also play a role in what colors you should choose. Too much contrast is usually too dramatic, especially during the daytime. For instance, pale skinned women should stay away from deep dark eye colors and dark skinned ladies should not wear eye makeup that is too light. Follow these guidelines and you won’t have to worry about the new color trends, you will look fabulous season after season.

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