Flowers for a funeral: types and meanings

When a loved one passes away, it is time to make important decisions, such as choosing flowers for their funeral flowers funeral. The most common floral arrangement is funeral wreaths , although there are other less known ones that are also interesting to know.

In this article we are going to expose the different types of flowers and floral arrangements that are most used at funerals and their symbolic meanings.

Flowers for a funeral: how to choose the most appropriate ones
Choosing flowers for a deceased loved one is a way to honor and pay tribute to the deceased, as well as provide comfort and support to the grieving family. Each type of flower has its own meaning, so it is important to know the message we want to convey with the floral arrangement. Let’s see the types of flowers most used at a funeral:

Red, pink or white roses are usually used at funerals. White roses are a classic symbol of purity and peace. They are very appropriate to express condolences and respect towards the deceased. They also represent spirituality and are commonly used at religious funerals.

Pink roses express gratitude and appreciation towards the deceased person and their family members. Red roses symbolize love and respect and are an appropriate choice when the deceased was a close loved one or life partner. Red roses also convey a message of eternal love and lasting memories.

2-Lilies and lilies
Lilies and lilies are very elegant and delicate flowers . They symbolize the innocence of the eternal soul. White lilies convey serenity and peace and are often used to honor the deceased person. Pastel-colored lilies with pink or peach tones convey a message of calm and comfort. They are suitable for expressing sympathy towards the grieving family and helping them find some peace in those difficult times. These soft and beautiful flowers add a touch of hope to the funeral ceremony.

The white chrysanthemum is one of the most traditional flowers used at funerals. They represent mourning and are used to show respect and honor the deceased. These flowers convey the desire for eternal peace and the recognition of a life well lived.

The yellow chrysanthemum can have different meanings depending on the culture. In some it is associated with death and mourning and in others it is considered a symbol of life and joy. It is important to take cultural beliefs and preferences into account when choosing yellow chrysanthemums for a funeral.

White orchids are very elegant flowers and suitable for a funeral, as they represent beauty, purity and serenity. They are an appropriate choice to honor someone who lived in peace and convey great respect for the deceased and comfort to the mourners.

Orchids in vibrant colors, such as pink, purple or yellow, symbolize joy and celebration of life . These flowers are suitable when you want to remember the deceased with gratitude and appreciation for the happy moments shared. Brightly colored orchids also add a touch of vitality and energy to funeral flower arrangements.

Daisies are simple but meaningful flowers that symbolize purity and loyalty. They are an appropriate choice to honor someone young or cheerful, as they represent youth and vitality. Daisies also convey a message of support and comfort to the grieving family.

6-Carnations and gladioli
Along with the rose, the carnation is one of the flowers most used in funeral decorations, especially in wreaths, centerpieces and bouquets. Expresses admiration for the deceased person and great appreciation for them.

Gladiolus is also a flower widely used in funeral arrangements. This flower conveys sincerity, affection and honor to the deceased loved one and is widely used in wreaths due to its long and elegant stems.

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