Healthy White Bread Sushi, Whole Grain Bread Shish Kabobs and Other Fun Treats for School Lunches

For parents looking to pack more nutritious school lunches, creating interesting treats out of conventional foods can make for a meal that is both fun and healthy. White bread sushi rolls, whole grain bread or whole wheat bread shish kabobs and fun fruit and vegetable snacks can be a real treat in your child’s lunchbox.

When it comes to school lunches, Healthy White Bread Sushi, Whole Grain Bread Shish Kabobs and Other Fun Treats for School Lunches Articles it seems as if peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, potato chips and juice boxes dominate the lunchroom Restaurant. While these items may be the staples, you can make fun, affordable and more nutritious school lunches. Below you will find some creative ideas for your child’s lunch that are both nutritious and delicious!

Why Settle for Conventional Wheat or White Bread Sandwiches When You Can Turn Them Into Fun Finger Foods?

One way to ensure your child will love the lunch you’ve packed is to get creative with the main course. Fun sandwiches are a great place to start. One idea is to add a small twist to the simple sandwich. Take a piece of both white bread and wheat bread and use a cookie cutter to cut out a unique shape. Place the cut out of the wheat bread into the hole in the white bread and vice versa to create a unique and tasty sandwich that will make lunchtime fun.

Sandwiches don’t have to just be sandwiches – they can also emulate more interesting foods. One creative approach is to turn a simple sandwich into a shish kabob by cubing whole grain bread or whole wheat bread, cheese and vegetables and placing on a wooden popsicle stick. Your child will love this interesting twist on the common lunchtime meal.

Another great idea turns the average sandwich into sushi! Use whole grain bread or whole wheat bread and turkey for a lean and healthy meal, white bread and cream cheese with cucumbers for a light and tasty treat or any combination of bread and fillings your child loves. Preparation is easy: Flatten the bread with a rolling pin, spread your chosen condiments and lay your meat or vegetables the same way you would make an ordinary sandwich. Then gently roll the bread up, cut the roll into slices serve a great sushi sandwich your child will love to eat!

Creative Fruit and Vegetable Sides

When it comes to treats and supplements to school lunches, chips and cookies are often easy and convenient to toss into the lunch bag but there are healthier options that are just as simple. Try one of the following creative fruit and vegetable sides and chances are your child won’t even miss the other stuff!

The first snack idea is ‘Ants on a Log’. Simply cut cutting celery sticks horizontally, fill with peanut butter and adorn with raisins.Kids will love this delightful treat that looks as if there are indeed ants marching along a log!

You can also play up the fun factor with fruit by cutting an apple into 6 slices, drizzling with honey and rolling in granola for a sweet treat.Or opt for a simple yet fun fruit snack by cutting your favourite fruit into shapes with cookie cutters for a one-of-a-kind healthy snack.

While it may not always be easy to pack lunches that are fun, delicious and healthy, white bread and whole wheat bread can be transformed into fun finger foods and fruit and vegetables can become creative culinary treats. With the right ideas – and a little bit of imagination – parents can pack unique lunches that satisfy their own healthy agenda and their child’s appetite.

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