How to increase your followers on Instagram: 20 techniques, strategies and tips

It’s a question I get asked all the time. Although followers aren’t everything, they do represent a number of people who are interested in your brand or business, and that does matter.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tip the scales sometimes. Posting the best content in the world is not enough on its own to increase your Instagram followers.

In this article I put together 20 proven tips that will teach you how to increase your followers on Instagram, presenting examples of some of the most successful accounts out there.

Tip #1 to increase your Instagram followers. Take advantage of other social networks
If you’re looking to build a fan base on Instagram, you’ve probably worked hard to give your business a presence on other social networks. If you have a strong fan base on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can direct your fans from those channels to your Instagram profile buy 5 instagram followers.

Create a post on those other platforms with a preview of your Instagram feed (like a screenshot or a photo you recently posted), along with a call to action like “follow us on Instagram to see the latest and greatest of our new products!”

Tip #2 to increase your followers on Instagram. Instagram Ads
Instagram ads are a great tool to help you boost your presence and performance on this platform. Because they are particularly effective at reaching people in your target market who might be interested in your products, Instagram ads are essential in helping you grow your Instagram followers.

Because they are so precise, you can target your posts directly to people who will be interested in a particular type of content, maximizing the chances that they will click on your profile and follow you on Instagram.

Tip #3 to increase your followers on Instagram. Create a theme
This strategy is particularly important on Instagram. Think about someone’s feed, you don’t just see their most recent post, you see several in a tile. That’s why it’s so important to create a cohesive theme that makes your Instagram feed look and feel like an on-brand visual marketing platform.

The best way to achieve this is to be consistent with the composition of your photograph. The first thing where you notice this is in the photo itself – the subject of the photo and the framing. The following is the way you edit it: always using the same two or three filters for your posts will help you create a characteristic visual appearance, making your profile much more motivating for your potential followers.

Tip #4 to increase your followers on Instagram. Behind-the-scenes content
Instagram is a great place to share photos that inject personality into your brand, and one of the best types of content is “behind the scenes.” Whether this gives your visitors a first look at new products or shows a typical day in the life of one of your workers, behind-the-scenes content is particularly engaging because it’s a unique look at what your business looks like beyond. your products.

This strategy helps create emotional connections with potential followers, increasing the chances of them following you.

Tip #5 to increase your followers on Instagram. Quotes
One of the best ways to fill your content calendar on Instagram is by posting appointments. Quotes are easy for users to interact with – they stand out from other types of photos and are easy to put together with a tool like Photoshop or Canva.

Finding quotes that are relevant to the people within your target can be a good way to reinforce the image and personality of your business. If they realize they relate to the quotes you post, you will find that they will follow you because they also have a connection to the things you post. Posting content that resonates with your target audience is the key to increasing your followers on Instagram.

Pinterest is also a great source for finding quotes relevant to your business and your target market.

Tip #6 to increase your followers on Instagram. Videos
Instagram’s change to allowing videos up to one minute gives your business a great opportunity to create engaging videos about your products and business. Some creative video ideas include “how-to” videos or a video starring one of your happy customers sharing her experience.

Video is amazing because it’s more dynamic than a simple image, and it captures attention because it plays when people see it in their feeds. Creating video content that is exciting and engaging is a great way to increase your Instagram followers.

Tip #7 to increase your followers on Instagram. Post to your Stories
Whether or not you’re a die-hard Snapchat fan, you can’t deny that Instagram Stories are becoming another must-have tool in your social media efforts. Frequently updating your Instagram Stories to share the latest news about your products or fun news from your store or location is another form of content that your potential customers can interact with.

A great way to ensure that those who view your Stories become followers is by posting lightning discounts on your Story, with the call to action saying “follow us to stay up to date with our latest discounts and promotions!”

Tip #8 to increase your followers on Instagram. Tag influential accounts
A strategy that I have seen many people use often to increase their number of followers on Instagram is to tag “influencers” or relevant accounts in their photos. However, it’s not just about notifying them or getting them to pay attention to your photo. Rather, it increases the chances that people who follow them will see your photo in their search feed, since Instagram’s algorithm is more likely to see your photos as something of interest to them.

If you have a great content strategy, people who see your photos are likely to follow you, as long as they like the things you post. On top of that, your photos can appear in the photo mosaic where an “influencer” has been tagged, increasing the chances of their followers seeing your profile.

Tip #9 to increase your followers on Instagram. User-generated content
One of the big trends that continues to rise since the arrival of social networks is the generation of content by fans and followers. This type of content (aptly called “user-generated content”) is amazing because it is genuine content that is related to your brand. It’s like a visual testimony of your business.

Spreading this type of content shows your customers that you care (and in a selfish way, encourages other fans and followers to post their own content featuring your brand, hoping you’ll show it off too). This helps spread your brand and business to other people within your target audience, while helping to increase your number of followers.

Tip #10 to increase your followers on Instagram. “Tag a friend” posts
A social media trend that has become increasingly common as shareable content increases in presence is “tag a friend” content. Posting videos or photos that people can relate to is a good way to connect with people within your target market.

While giant waves of memes are taking social media by storm, there are other types of content you can post to engage with potential customers. Post attractive photos of your product with a caption like “tag a friend who would love this!” It is an amazing way to boost interaction on social networks, while promoting your products.

Tip #11 to increase your followers on Instagram. Respond to comments
If you are going to be on social networks, you cannot manage them like a traditional advertising platform. They are the opposite: they encourage two-way communication between brands and consumers. When Instagram users comment and interact with your photos, be sure to take the time to respond, especially if they show interest in your products.

This is a good way to earn points on Instagram and, hopefully, a new follower. Make sure you respond directly to those who leave comments, @mentioning them. If you take some time to look at their profile and like or comment on their photos, or even follow them, you dramatically increase the chances of them following you.

Tip #12 to increase your followers on Instagram. Takeover of an “influencer”
This is a strategy that actually started on Instagram and then spread to other platforms like Snapchat. Basically, your business contacts an Instagram figure who is a leader in your industry. For example, if you’re promoting gym clothes, you could connect with a model or fitness vlogger.

This introduces your business to that influencer’s target audience (have them announce the takeover days before it starts) and alters your content strategy in a drastic and exciting way. Showing people in your industry that you offer unique and engaging content will definitely help you increase your followers on Instagram.

Tip #13 to increase your followers on Instagram. Collaborative publications
Similar to a takeover, collaborative posts involve connecting with an influencer on Instagram and getting them to feature your product on their page. Consider it a large-scale testimonial, since these figures are highly respected within your industry, their opinion is very important and may be what you need to attract new customers to your business.

Best practices for collaborative posts include having the influencer:

Take a photo with your product
Write a short ad about why they enjoyed your product
Tag your business in the photo and description
Present a discount code (that you created), encouraging people to buy your product

Tip #14 to increase your Instagram followers. Calls to action in description
Sometimes all you need is to ask. Adding calls to action to your photo descriptions so that those who visit your profile are aware of the value your account offers can be a simple way to convert your visitors into followers, without the need for much effort.

After the actual description of your photo, include a bit of text that says something like “be sure to follow us to find out about our news, discounts and promotions!” It is a simple way to communicate the benefit that a person could obtain if they decide to follow you, increasing the chances that they will do so.

Tip #15 to increase your followers on Instagram. Hashtags
Hashtags are a great way to reach new people, since people who browse their search feed by hashtags don’t need to follow you to see your photos. If they are using relevant hashtags that are related to your product or service, you will see that the people who see your photos are people who might be interested in your brand.

While more general hashtags (#fitness, #food, etc.) are good, I think hashtags work particularly well if you’re a local business. Local hashtags dedicated to influential local accounts tend to get a lot of attention, and can even get your business featured on one of those accounts.

Tip #16 to increase your Instagram followers. Schedule your content
There is no need to hide that social media marketing can sometimes be a burden on us. Between all your digital marketing tasks—running ads, creating landing pages, or whatever you do—creating content to post on Instagram every day can be time-consuming.

To turn this around, use a tool like Later or Buffer to plan your posts days or even weeks in advance, including editing and descriptions, so you can publish them at later dates. Having a posting schedule is one of the best ways to ensure your Instagram follower base continues to grow, as it shows them that you’re posting consistently.

Tip #17 to increase your Instagram followers. Analytics tool
One way to monitor your success on Instagram in more detail is to invest in a tool that gives you information and analysis of your Instagram account, such as Iconosquare or Crowdfire. This gives you valuable information about the people you follow, who follows you, and the people you should follow.

This helps you identify influencers, measure your performance against your competition, and see how you can maximize your follower growth, allowing you to boost your potential on Instagram in a way that’s a little more scientific than, “I think this is cool.”

Tip #18 to increase your followers on Instagram. Joint promotion
Shared is better! Look for influential brands within your industry whose products complement yours (think a coffee company and one that sells personalized mugs). Create a joint promotion, which could be a discount or even better, a contest whose prize is a package with both of your products.

This helps introduce your products to your partner’s target market and vice versa, which is good because their target is made up of people who probably fall into your target market as well, based on the interests they share. It is a way for you to reach a portion of that segment that you had not previously touched.

Tip #19 to increase your followers on Instagram. Gifts
Today, gift giving is perhaps the most common type of Instagram marketing. It is easy to organize and generates a lot of interaction, giving businesses an easy way to increase their reach and spread the word about their products among potential customers.

To do this, post an attractive image of the product you are giving away and write some simple rules. I recommend asking people to follow you and leave a comment tagging two of their friends. This helps you increase your followers on Instagram and helps spread the word about the contest to other people who will probably also want to participate. Without a doubt a great way to increase your followers.

Tip #20 to increase your followers on Instagram. Contest
Let’s finish in the best way. To be honest, running an Instagram contest is not only a great way to increase your followers, but it’s also one of the few ways you can They can reflect real results for your business using Instagram. Because? Running a contest using an app from a developer like Wishpond allows you to collect emails from participants, meaning you can stay in touch with them afterwards through email marketing.

You can organize different types of contests: raffles, photo contests, hashtag contests and more. They generate much more engagement than simply giving something away on Instagram, and we’ve seen many businesses succeed time and time again thanks to well-planned contests.
I also share examples of dynamics for social networks.

In conclusion
There they are, 20 great ways to help you increase your Instagram following. Although it may feel great to see your followers increase day after day, remember that what is really important is to drive the traffic you generate on social networks to your sales channels, so that you can convert your followers into happy customers.

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