Do you know that it is an invisible fence for dogs and what is it for?

What is an invisible fence for dogs ?

The invisible fences for dogs are anti-leak systems designed to prevent our dog from escaping, these containment systems educate our pet so that they know their limits and avoid leaks without the need to put any physical fence or walls.

How do anti-leak fences work ?

The operation is very simple we only have to install the fence in the land we want to cover, whether it is a plot, a plot, a yard, a garden, etc. Its installation is very easy and we do not need any professional to do it.

The invisible fence is usually installed hidden or buried but it can also be on the surface since it does not represent any danger to a person since it only affects the dog wearing the educational collar.

These containment systems are composed of the cabling to cover the ground and an educational or training collar, the dog has placed the collar and when it approaches the fence the collar emits a warning signal to indicate that there is no You can pass.

If our dog ignores that signal then the collar will emit a small corrective to keep it from getting closer, our dog in less than a week will understand perfectly how far it can go and avoid escaping or leaving our land to avoid receiving the impulse negative.

These systems are designed to educate them in an easy and simple way and in this way we can have our dog quietly in our yard with the certainty that it will not escape

The invisible fences are also the best tool to prevent our pet from leaving or entering a specific area, thanks to the invisible fences our dog can be loose freely but at the same time prevent it from entering prohibited areas, such as grass, swimming pool, orchards, neighbors, etc.

Control our dog is not an easy task as we described in previous post of this blog our dog will try to escape to the least opportunity, either to visit the neighbor’s dog, escape after a car or simply for the mere echo of exploring.

Installing an anti-leak system is the fastest and most efficient solution you will find to avoid problems with your dog, the invisible fences are impassable and can not jump or pass underneath, so we will be totally sure that they will not cause any problems.

The invisible fences can cover the whole field you want to over 5000m depending on the model, with a single leak prevention system can control all your dogs.

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