Wireless anti-fugue fence with 100% waterproof and rechargeable anti-fugue collar: – 100% immersion-proof and rechargeable anti-fleeing collar – This anti-fugue fence is ideal for all configurations and is very versatile – Anti-fugue collar fugue is ideal for wet environments and is also very suitable for dry environments – This anti-fugue system is also ideal for large dogs as well as small dogs very agitated (such as burrows) thanks to its robustness and lightness. – Efficient and economical system to use. – Suitable for dogs from 10 to 35 kg for the standard necklace 100% waterproof and rechargeable – Suitable for dogs from 3 to 10 kg for the compact and rechargeable collar Note: The collar for dogs toy’s is refillable but is not waterproof. No choice on your part at the time of payment, it is the standard collar that I will send you. You receive a complete kit with one of two necklaces to choose from, not both.

Supplied in the sale: – 1 control box (base) – 1 220v AC adapter to connect the control box to the mains and recharge the collar – 1 standard receiver collar 100% waterproof immersion and refillable for dogs from 10 to 35 kg or – 1 compact and rechargeable receiver collar for dogs from 3 to 10 kg – 1 orange strap of 25 to 48 cm of neck for the standard collar or – 1 compact strap 19 to 30 cm neck for the compact collar – 2 pairs of electrodes (12 mm and 15 mm) for the standard collar or – 2 pairs of electrodes (10 mm and 12 mm) for the compact necklace – 1 tester – 80 bright yellow color markers (pennants) – 1 user manual in French with a complete part dealing with dog education with fence and system installation – 1 example installation booklet to help you design your own plan according to your wishes and wishes.

The standard collar is designed for dogs from 10 to 35 kg (25 to 48 cm around the neck), 100% waterproof and rechargeable collar. The compact necklace is designed for toy dogs from 3 to 10 kg (19 to 30 cm neck), rechargeable necklace but not waterproof to immersion. Without your choice at the time of payment, it is a standard collar sent to you by default. To inform me of your desire to have a compact necklace, send an email from the payment to be sure that your request is taken into account.

I sell this system which was part of a lot liquidated by a supplier of French distributors. There is no warranty on the hardware but I check each item before shipping the complete kit to make sure everything works. The system as proposed is at the recommended retail price of € 199.90 in the manufacturer’s catalog. Return is accepted for 14 days provided the item has not been opened and / or used.

The risks and costs of return remain the responsibility of the buyer. It is mandatory to contact me before returning the item. It is advisable to pack well and ensure the product for transport. The product will be refunded within 15 working days, deducted from the initial shipping costs.

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