How wireless electronic dog fences work

The wireless electronic dog fences are actually invisible fencing that consists of burying wire with transmitters. The wire is about 500 to 1000 meters in length and is about a circumference initialed to keep a dog in the area.

Dogs wears a collar that a receiver will then produce that beeps and a slight shock when the dog has near the wire. Unlike traditional fence are not visible to the eye and are much cheaper than buying and installing a traditional wood or metal fence. While these types of fences cost per foot, the electronic rule is less than $ 300 for all needed materials.

A wireless dog fence can be used in any area where it is necessary to keep a dog to a certain extent as well as keeping it out of a specific area. They are often used for keeping the pet away from a swimming pool or garden and indoors to prevent entry into areas such as the kitchen or the bedroom.

These can not be easily installed and forgotten. Dog to the Association to be trained to the beep and shock. The time required will depend on the dog. The wireless fence keeps the dog contained within the perimeter, but it will not prevent other animals or humans from denying access.

The device consists of a transmitter, which plug into the house and sends the first radio signal. The collar brought to the dog is light and will receive the signal. The animal is not banned from running freely it only gets shocked when the first sound is ignored when they come in contact with the fence. The shock is actually a static sound that will only scare them and not damage them.

When training that they stay within the fencing area, it often helps to install small flags around the entire perimeter where the fence has been installed. This will help the dog stay within the region by assigning the flags to train with the shock.

It is important to know that when a dog is stubborn or suddenly startled they continue to run outside the barrier. If this happens to them entering the area, which will be difficult, not only will they return to the yard, but will make the training more difficult to discourage. The collar is battery operated, so keeping fresh batteries installed is important.

Wireless electronic dog fences have many people concerned about the aggression thought to be involved with this type of training. The dog’s shock gets it feeling like it was a human being who’s gone on carpet and shocked someone. It will not hurt them, but it requires constant training, which can take several weeks to work effectively for the unit. Once the dog has a shock they can test the scope frequently to see if it will reappear so it is crucial that every time the animal is included in the region that the owner also sees the animal in sight for proper training to work.

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