invisible dog fences from Dogtrot directly from the dealer

Dogtrot’s eF3000 Gold Invisible Dog Fence  (also known as an e-fence or animal fence) allows you to fence your property so that your dog can not leave the property or enter certain areas.

When your dog approaches the fence limit, the collar receiver will first send a vibration signal as a warning. If her dog continues to approach the Gangrene, he receives through the collar receiver an unpleasant but harmless penalty. This is how you make your dog aware of the limits of his area and thus prevent exceeding the zapping limit. If your dog deviates from the zapping limit, the pulse strength is reduced automatically.

Your dog will quickly understand where he is allowed to go and where not.

After installing the thin fence wire along your property line or other area, a signal field is built along the fence wire using the transmitter station. This signal field is received by the collar receiver as soon as its dog approaches the property boundary. You can simply set how far your dog can approach the fence boundary before a warning sound or pulse is emitted from the collar receiver.

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