New Saltwater Setup Tips – Planning a New Saltwater Fish Tank

If you are considering starting a new saltwater setup and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Well then this article will definitely help you out by going over what you need what you are going to need set up a new saltwater fish tank

Before you buy anything for your new saltwater setup the first thing you are going to have to determine is how much money do you actually have to spend on your saltwater aquarium. This is important because have to be sure how much you can spend before you can plan the rest of your setup.

Once you have a budget in mind then you are going to have to decide on the size of aquarium that you are going to buy. Generally salt water fish tanks in the range of 40-75 gallons are the best for a new marine aquarium. Try to avoid very small tanks that are not very stable and very large tanks that are very expensive.

After you settle on a size for your new marine aquarium its time to choose some fish. Grab yourself some good saltwater fish books and start looking at fish and take notes about the ones you like. Once you have a list eliminate the ones that are going to be to hard to keep alive, that will kill or eat other fish in your tank or that are to expensive.

Once you have chosen the types of saltwater fish that you want you will have to determine the types of filters that you want. Information on saltwater aquarium filters can be a bit overwhelming but if you stuck to a tank between 40-75 gallons then a good canister filter will be fine.

Moving on you will then need to decide how to decorate your salt water fish tank. You have many choices here that range from using dead coral or artificial coral all the way up to exotic live rock. This is definitely a point where most new salt water tank keepers get confused.

If you are having figuring out how to decorate your tank the best thing you can do is take a trip to a local fish store. Here you will be able to see the different ways to decorate a tank and also the support equipment they used to keep them healthy.

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