Dog Fleas – How to detect fleas in dogs and fight them effectively

The dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis) is considered a parasite . His hosts are also exclusively dogs, because this little pestilence lives only in dog fur and the animals die as soon as they lose their host. On cats and humans the parasite does not change permanently.

However, there are also multifaceted remedies that you can – already prophylactically – use against fleas. Because some four-legged actually suffer very often among the parasites. The grooming is particularly important here, just to be able to tackle the symptoms. Contrary to the widespread nurse tales, fleas are not the disease carriers par excellence. But they are annoying. For humans and animals.

How you even realize that your darling has fleas and what you can do about it, I have you in the following article once worn together.

What symptoms does flea infestation involve?

Clearly the most common symptom is the itching . Especially in the area behind the ears, the nasty bloodsuckers often torment your dog. However, this affected area quickly becomes significantly larger, as the flea can lay up to 20 eggs daily.

That your dog scratching and chewing his teeth does not stop there. He just tries to get rid of the tormenting itching, which often leaves him fur. Bald spots , reddened skin and paws , as well as pushing over the carpet are clear symptoms of itching.

You also recognize fleas with the naked eye: they are reddish-brown and no more than 4 millimeters long. Their eggs are white and about half a millimeter long.

To make sure that it really is flea infestation, you should comb out your dog once. If black crumbs fall from the fur, it will most likely be flea feces. Wipe up these black crumbs with a piece of damp kitchen roll and look at whether the dirt is discolored. If the crumbs become reddish, it is proven that the excretion of a flea.

Also, the failure of the coat of your favorite is a clear warning. Many dogs are allergic to the flea bite and then even gnaw themselves until the skin is completely nude.

Which diseases do fleas transmit?

Worms can be transmitted by fleas , but unfortunately also other infections and even allergies cause the parasite very often.

But above all, they bring themselves as a plague, because if your dog has only 10 fleas, of which all lay 20 eggs a day, 200 fleas dominate him at the beginning with increasing tendency. The parasite stings your dog in the skin to feed on his blood. After the first blood meal of the flea, it may take about 48 hours to lay the egg.

Which other animals do you go over?

Often it is the other way around: the domestic dog often suffers from cat and human flea. The dog flea itself, if he must leave his host, so your darling, certainly first looking for a short-term stay.

The parasite can pass on a cat or a human, but only to feed themselves provisionally. The small plague can not multiply here, so he also does not like to stay here. From the category useless knowledge: Up to half a meter jump creates a dog flea.

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