Green Lipped Mussel for dogs

The botanical “Perna canaliculus” green-lipped mussel has achieved a high profile under the name Grünlippmuschel. This is due to its rank as a nutritious delicacy and its high proportion of long-chain amino-sugar compounds, antioxidants and fatty acids as a dietary supplement and natural remedy that you can also apply to your dog.

What makes the green-lipped mussel so valuable

The green-lipped mussel comes from the family of mussels and grows about 10 cm to 25 cm in size. It is native to the waters of New Zealand and is bred there on a large scale. Only once a year are the mussel beds harvested to export around 60,000 tonnes of green lipped mussels on average. Much of the harvest is consumed, only about 10% of the shells are processed into extracts, powders, tablets or even ointments. In Germany, the green-lipped mussel is also offered as a “New Zealand green-wing mussel”.

The Maori as natives of New Zealand have been using the healing and pain-relieving effects of the green-lipped mussel for many generations. In fact, the constituents of the green-lipped mussel have an anti-inflammatory character that can alleviate arthritic joint disease and promote the production of synovial fluid. In addition to the positive effects on the musculoskeletal system, the green-lipped mussel is also used in asthma and other respiratory diseases. The ingredients of the shell suppress inflammation in the airways, which is why more oxygen flows through the lungs and complaints can subside.

Responsible for the healing and pain-relieving effects of the green-lipped mussel

    • Glucoaminglycan: Glucosamine is an endogenous substance responsible for the mobility of the joints. As the age increases, the level of glucosamine in the organism also decreases, resulting in the breakdown of cartilage mass. The glucosaminoglycan from the shell replaces the body’s own glucosamine and stimulates the organism to form new cartilage mass.
    • Lyprinol: Lyprinol is an active ingredient found only in the green-lipped mussel. Lyprinol contains a total of 12 different omega-3 fatty acids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body.
    • Antioxidants: The antioxidants contained in green lipped mussels not only have a positive effect on the immune system, but are also involved in the inhibition of joint inflammation. The pain subsides and swelling of the joints heal again.

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