Portrait Photography Tips – How To start Charging My Clients

To start working as a Professional Photographer is a different ball game compared to amateur status. Not least of which is the fact that you now want more than just a smile from your clients – You now want to have some of their hard earned cash!

To start charging money for your work feels like a big step, and it will definitely mark a turning point in your career as a photographer.

Now that you are asking this question of ‘how can I start charging professional fees? You obviously feel that you are able to supply a service that is of value to people – Perhaps, even better than they can do for themselves. To get over this hurdle is as much an emotional decision as anything else.

Think of all the time it is going to take you to do the work for your customers, think of the commitment you will be putting in just so that you give them the best results and service that you can. Think of all the costs involved, the materials, the promotional costs, your time etc. etc. Now think of all the time and dedication that it has taken to get where you are right now!

Think of how your customers will love and value the finished results that you are going to give them! Picture their faces when you put that final completed order in their hands…I think that, with this in mind, they would expect you to charge them, wouldn’t they?…and would they want a ‘cheap’ low cost service, or would they prefer a really good value service that will suit you as well as them?…Now do you think you’re ready to come up with a price list for them?…I bet that you are! Simply go here to my site www.photodomination.com for more on this.

For some, the motivation to start charging professional fees for their work is simply to be making a bit extra. For other people it is solely so that they can continue having fun and giving more to people with an extended hobby. Yet for others, the decision is to build a fully-fledged and valuable full time career or business.

Whatever your personal reasons are and if you have now made that essential commitment to start making money then the time for further action is now! Fortunately, you can get more on this and other equally important and related subjects at www.photodomination.com

Mike Eastman has been heavily involved with the support and training of Photographers and Photoshop Users for over ten years. Many people who have used his services see him as a creative expert and a leading authority in his chosen fields of Digital Pro Photography and Photoshop itself. There is more at PhotoDomination. If you would like to get 20 Free Videos covering similar topics then go here:Portrait Photography Tips. www.photodomination.com

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