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Are you thinking about growing your family by adopting a puppy? As you may have seen in movies or from the experience of well-known people, training your dog requires effort on the part of its owner and of course, a lot of time K9 training Houston. Your dog must begin to assimilate the commands and behavior that you teach him little by little, so it is important that you are aware that it is a constant work that will not last just a few days. Training your dog can take weeks or even months, until your puppy is aware of the behavioral rules you give him.

It is not an impossible job, although it may seem that way at times, educating your dog will depend on you and the attitude you adopt during training. For example, you can opt for an education based on punishment (never hitting or hurting them), that is, correcting your dog when he does an unexpected behavior. Another route you can choose is positive dog training, based on rewarding when the dog’s behavior is appropriate. We recommend the latter since it is usually the most effective and the method by which greater bonds are created between the owner and his puppy. Therefore, in this article we will tell you several tricks and tips so that you can train your dog at home in the most appropriate and effective way.

The call.
One of the first training steps you should teach your puppy will be to respond to the call and recognize its name. To do this, we must associate a short and simple word like “come” to this behavior, accompanying it with a gesture that indicates the place where the dog has to go. To help your dog assimilate this behavior, we can reward him with a pet when he obeys or with a little food. In this way, by repeating the action for a while, the puppy will associate the word “come” with going where you point out.

The “sit” command is usually one of the most popular and most desired during the training process. In order for him to recognize this order, you must repeat it many times with a confident tone accompanied by a gesture that intensifies the action. At first you will have to teach him what you want so that he recognizes that sitting means that. The most effective thing is to use the reward with a treat or a pet when the result is achieved.

Apart from being a basic obedience command, this is one of the most necessary to control tense situations, since by obeying the sit command the dog will be able to stay still in place.

The needs only during the ride.
One of the biggest challenges is teaching your puppy to relieve himself during a walk and not inside the house. The truth is that it is much easier than it seems, but to do this we will have to follow a routine and be patient. It is very important to achieve this goal not to punish your dog when you leave him alone at home and relieve himself inside him. Furthermore, if your veterinarian advises you not to take the puppy outside until he has all the vaccines, it is best to make a space at home for your puppy to assimilate and do his own things.

Once he can go out for a walk, we will have to establish a routine, and respect the walking schedules as much as possible, this way the dog will be able to hold his pee until the walk. Every time they pee or poop during the walk we can bring treats to reward them so they associate that peeing in the street is okay. It takes patience and attitude, but it will be up to you to ensure that your dog learns to do his business only during the walk.

Prevent your puppy from chewing everything.
Are you afraid that your puppy will notice your favorite shoes and destroy them? A small dog has the need to bite when they are growing as it is their nature. One way to prevent your puppy from biting is to always react with the same word. You can choose “stop” or “no” with a firm tone, then it is best to leave him alone, since leaving is a form of punishment for him because you distance him from his “litter”.

Another reason why your dog may bite everything he finds around the house is because he is nervous or bored and biting is a game for him. That is why we recommend that to prevent him from biting everything, it is necessary to walk your dog, making his physical activity intense enough to satisfy his energy and relieve stress. You can also buy toys so that he associates only that object as a teether.

As we have seen, having a puppy is a big responsibility that will need your attention. Training your dog is a difficult and time-consuming task. Remember that hitting your dog or yelling at it when it is still a puppy to train it can only cause fear that it will associate with you. Remember to be affectionate and kind with your dog, and above all, learn with him.

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