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Sailboats have always conjured up romantics thoughts for many people. For others, it simply means a way to spend some time enjoying the water. No matter what image a sailboat brings to your mind, more than likely it’s very pleasant. However, if you don’t already own one of these beauties, you may be surprised at the price tag attached to a new one. The average price of a new 32′ sailboat is over $90.000!

If you’re not quite ready to shell out that kind of cash, there is another way you can own one of these fabulous boats. Look for used sailboats for sale! Here are some of the best sources you can find:

1.    Sailing Magazines: Many people advertise their sailboats in the classified sections of sailing magazines. However, you may have to travel quite a distance to see the boat and to bring it home. You also must exercise some caution in case the seller is not as honest as they should be. 

2.    Dealers: While you may be able to find quite a selection of used sailboats for sale at a dealer, make sure you know what type of boat you want and how much it should be worth. Dealers will try to sell you a boat that is more expensive than what you really want and at the highest profit margin they can get. 

3.    Government Auctions: If you have never attended a government auction, you will be surprised at the items that are sold. You’ll find boats of all kinds, including beautiful sailboats. Many of these are repossessions, seizures, or surplus and they range in condition from like new to merely salvage.

These auctions are all over the United States and it’s easy to place a bid. All you need to do to find these auctions is check out some of the websites that offer the auction information, such as date, time, location and what is up for sale. Some of these sailboats will sell for up 70% below wholesale.

It’s easy to see why a government auction is probably your best source for used sailboats for sale. Many of the boats have a starting bid as low as $100. Imagine how you could spend your next holiday!

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