What’s Happening With Heat Pump Prices?

Heat pump prices are dropping thanks to advancements in the energy field. When the average person thinks of a heat pump, they think of such brand names as Trane and Carrier. Yet, many more options are available in this field today. When you go to purchase a new heating and cooling system, you will want to look at more than heat pump prices. Also, consider the type of pump as your energy costs over the long run may be less although your initial investment is higher for certain types. You will need to select from geothermal pumps as well as air to air pumps with various back up heat options. The one you choose will determine your costs.

A geothermal pump will cost more at the time of installation yet costs less to operate over the life of the unit. It is estimated that you will recover the added cost of this type of unit is five years or less. This is due to the fact that this style of heating and cooling unit uses heat produced by the earth to warm and cool interior air. As a geothermal unit is much more efficient than other types, it is the preferred type and prices are dropping as they become more popular.

Air to air pumps, on the other hand, use outside air temperature to heat and cool your home. Due to natural variations in air temperature, these heat pumps are less efficient and need a back up heat source. As our country moves more toward green energy, this type of heat pump is becoming less popular and therefore prices are slowly dropping. Yet, if this is your preferred type of unit, don’t despair. These units are still very energy efficient and credits are available if you do want an air to air heat pump.

Prices will continue to drop on these units as other energy methods become more popular. Also, as technology is continuously being improved, prices will continue to decrease. Before making a choice of a new heating and cooling system, consider all of your options and do some research. You can save a great deal of money this way.

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