Why Businesses Are Abandoning Shipping Contracts for Freight Forwarders

Businesses are starting to leave ocean carrier contracts and start considering freight forwarders. There are actually many reasons why this is happening all over the country. Why businesses are leaving carrier contracts for freight forwarders.

The question here is why this is happening. We would think that carriers are a lot more popular than freight forwarders. But this isn’t the case. These are just a couple of the reasons why cargo owners are cancelling their carrier contracts and making use of freight forwarders.

Ocean carriers,Why Businesses Are Abandoning Shipping Contracts for Freight Forwarders Articles freight forwardersBefore you can know the reasons why cargo owners are leaving ocean carriers for freight forwarders, you need to get a better understanding of each of these shipping services.Ocean carriers are where ocean shipment is taking place. Where cargo is getting sent by ship. This is a high-risk method and takes a lot longer than most other shipping options. Freight forwarders are making use of other shipping options available. Ones that are more affordable and more reliable. However, these aren’t the reasons why businesses are choosing the freight forwarders over the ocean carriers. These are the reasons why ocean carriers are getting more and more contracts cancelled.To avoid contracts that are not in their best interestThe problem with carriers and business owners is that the contracts between them aren’t in the best interest of the cargo owner. This is only in the best interest of the carrier. The prices are high, there isn’t any guarantee for the cargo owner, because ocean shipment is a risk and no guarantee on the time that the goods need to be arriving at its destination.For many years, cargo owners didn’t have another option when it comes to sending cargo overseas or internationally, then to make use of ocean carriers. But now, with the freight forwarders available, they have more and better options.Better customer serviceIt is known that freight forwarders are all about customer service. This is because of the number of freight forwarders that cargo owners can make use of. The cargo owners are doing research and making sure that they are using forwarders that are the most reliable and that is offering better customer service.So, they are making sure that customer service is their number one priority. Something that you will not find when it comes to ocean carriers. Freight forwarders know that the better their customer service, the more successful they will be.Freight forwarders are more reliableThis is a fact that freight forwarders are more reliable than ocean carriers. Even if there might be delays with the delivery of goods by freight forwarders, it will be still a lot more reliable than the carriers. Carriers are always delayed, slower in delivery and gets hold up at customs.Freight forwarders are making sure that their transportation options are the fastest and most reliable options available. Ensuring that cargo is reaching the destination faster, and in better condition.There are many reasons why businesses are making use of freight forwarders instead of ocean carriers. More and more cargo owners are cancelling their contracts with carriers and sign contracts with freight forwarders. The reasons we gave is just a couple of the reasons why freight forwarders are getting more popular than ocean carriers. So, if you are looking for a contract for your cargo, then you should know to consider freight forwarders over ocean carriers.For over a 127 years, BCR has assisted businesses of all sizes achieve superior logistics solutions through 3PL services and optimised transit routes, including air and sea freight servies to and from all large ports througout Australia, such as BrisbaneSydneyMelbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).

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