The Invisible Fence For Dogs

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Property owners are looking for safe and elegant solutions

Whether on the weekend property or in the local garden, whether in the club grounds or in the dog school: There are many areas and areas where dogs can realize their spout. The ability to romp around and move in an appropriate manner is the basic prerequisite for dogs to feel comfortable and to develop freely in the best sense of the word. But what is considered a basic prerequisite for a species-appropriate attitude is often difficult to realize in everyday life. In the face of people living together in ever-narrowing spaces, there is often the danger that dogs will not only endanger children and passers-by of neighbors and neighbors, but can also endanger themselves. And also for insurance reasons, it is advisable that dogs are kept on a clearly defined area.

Safety comes first – outflow must be limited

Of course, many dog ​​owners, but also the operators of special areas such as dog training schools or sports clubs have an interest in allowing the dogs a large spout, without having to build large-scale fence systems. This not only has visual backgrounds, but in many cases also the consideration of financial aspects. Finally, the construction of fences is extremely costly. An invisible fence reviews therefore seems to be the ideal solution for many dog ​​owners or owners of an area in order to keep the small or large, wild or docile animal safe, while still guaranteeing it the necessary spout.

Elaborate construction of fence systems is avoided

But what is an invisible fence – and how can such a fence constrict dogs or cats in their urge to move? An invisible dog fence works on a very simple but very effective principle. In order to avoid a building construction of fence systems, a cable is laid under the earth, which is to prevent dogs from continuing like an electric fence. This cable also serves as an antenna. The dog is a collar wrapped, which is controlled wirelessly via the underground antenna. For the animal an ideal solution – so it can romp carefree without any leash, but is nevertheless narrowed in its range of motion.

Underground cable acts as an antenna

An invisible fence is delivered with a cable, usually up to 100 meters long. As soon as the animal enters the underground cable, a sound signal, spray or shock is triggered due to the triggered radio signal. These very unpleasant side effects for the dog train him but quickly and effectively, so that he stops, runs back, but in any case does not exceed the cable as a limitation of the area. In order to scare dogs off such an invisible electric fence , you do not need multiple cables. Thanks to different receivers for each dog, it is possible to control the signal so that the fence individually deters dog or other animal.

Different manufacturers offer corresponding solutions

In the meantime, several renowned manufacturers have specialized in protecting dogs and cats, as well as other pets, through such a fence. Whether Dynavet, Dogtra or Innotek: With the help of very innovative solutions, it is possible to effectively protect the animals, but also the neighbors and neighbors. So that the invisible fence Dog or other animal signals next to the acoustic and the sensitive stimulus that he moves to a limit, offer various manufacturers in addition to the actual current-carrying technology, in addition to transmitters and receivers and training flags. With the help of these flags, a visual signal can be generated at times, which makes it clear that there is no access beyond this area. Once the dog has trained and internalized the behavior, the flags can be removed so that the visual impairment is eliminated without much effort.

Good reasons for the invisible fence

There are good reasons why dogs or cats are being limited in their range of motion by electric fence . It is quite in the claim of an upscale quality of life of many landowners, not to provide by elaborate fence systems for a regulation of the spout. If this can be realized with a visually convincing, because to a certain extent invisible solution, areas are strengthened in their market value – and the educational effect against the dog is nevertheless given. It benefits dog owners as well as the dogs, neighbors as well as the residents. To give security to dogs and owners with an invisible electric fence is in the mutual interest.