Electric Dog Fence – Effectively Set Limits

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Setting limits and at the same time giving the four-legged friends as much freedom as possible is the daily ritual that every dog ​​owner knows. Electric dog fences can help with both goals. In electric dog fences electrical impulses are used as a warning signal to define boundaries for a dog within which he may move on his own property.

Defining boundaries and free spaces for dogs

They are a special form of electric fences, as known from cow or horse pastures. Such fences are used to limit his dog’s territory so far that he does not run into problematic areas of the garden (eg vegetable patch), does not run illegally to the neighbor’s dog and remains within their own property boundaries – but still can enjoy a sufficiently large space. The electric dog fences are adaptable to the height and density of the electric wires to various dog types and especially dog ​​sizes. When touching or approaching the above-ground or underground fence there are acoustic and / or harmless short electrical current pulses, so that the animal comprehensible limits are shown, without injuring it. Instead of a whistle with the whistle by the dog owner is virtually the fence from a warning signal, so that the dog learns to respect the spanned border and avoid its nearness in the future. This behavior should develop the dog friend together with his animal step by step, until the dog knows and recognizes the limits without any problems. Then the dog can romp in the garden without a mistress or master.

Pasture Fence or Magnetic Field – Visible or Invisible

There are basically two principles of action. On the one hand, there are visible above-ground electrical dog fences, the effect of which occurs in direct contact, comparable to an electric fence. On the other hand, there are invisible pet fence that act on a magnetic field. In this way, the cable can be hidden buried underground and is therefore invisible. Via the magnetic field, an impulse is triggered here on the collar of the dog. The additional equipment of an existing fence to an electric dog fence is possible.

Fence fence principle (direct contact):

PRINCIPLE: Electricity is sent out by a pasture fence. This device is powered by either the mains, a battery, a battery or solar energy. The current pulses flow along the actual above-ground fence material, either wire, tape, net, wire or rope through the entire fence. When the dog comes into contact with the fence, it perceives one of these impulses. These are harmless high-voltage pulses of the shortest duration. The current is conducted through the body of the animal in contact with the ground, which flows back to the pasture fence via the ground. As a result, the circuit is closed and the dog gets a chilling electric shock, which is perceived as unpleasant, but by no means harmful to health. The animal learns to respect the fence as a border. Of course, the effect of the electric shock depends on the setting of the device and the respective contact point (snout). Therefore, the current is always sensitive to the dog to adjust, so it does not come to unnecessarily strong current pulses. Prerequisite for the functioning is a good grounding of the energizer by means of so-called earth rods, which are laid in moist soil as possible.

COMPONENTS: Energizer  (fencing), conductive fence material, pasture fence posts, insulators and gate handles, pliers and clamps, specially developed materials are convincing in terms of resistance, weather resistance and freedom from interference


  • Dogs can also stay in the garden without supervision and do not exceed the indicated limits within the property
  • Visible barrier for dogs and humans when choosing a striking fence material, eg broadband in fluorescent colors
  • Fast assembly and disassembly, low workload
  • Flexible operation is possible, can be easily extended and rebuilt, ramifications are possible
  • No risk of injury to humans and animals, as with barbed wire. Short electric impulse is harmless if set correctly
  • No closed loops necessary, can therefore be formed in any shape
  • High-quality electric fencing react automatically to disturbances by independently adjusting the fence voltage and informing the operator by SMS.


  • Fouling in the immediate vicinity of the fence must be kept short or kept away, otherwise the current flow loses a lot of energy = a high level of care
  • When dogs pee on it, the current pulse is extremely unpleasant
  • Barrier effect on the entire breeding line for humans and animals, except gateways for humans
  • If the electric fence energiser is poorly grounded, the function of the entire fence is not ensured
  • With tension-free switching, there is the danger that wild animals can get tangled up in wires, for example when they are close to the forest or the field.