Dog fence classic or dog fence invisible?

Who owns the happiness at his home, for example, a green area in the form of a garden to call his own will know the problem: How can I stake out my property so that I can run my dog ​​without supervision and above all calmed down and let it rage? In this case, there is an answer: a dog fence must come from. This dog fence or fence for dogs thus serves to secure a property, area or territory so that it can not leave a dog. Or the dog at least realizes that he should not leave it.

A dog fence thus significantly increases the safety of your dog – but also the safety of, for example, around your plot around playing children.

It is in the nature of dogs that they want to stay outdoors in the first place and if there is the possibility that they should also be allowed. There they can let off steam and play with the natural urge to move. This has two advantages: The health of your best friend will thank you, on the other hand, they not only expand the freedom of movement of your dog but also your own because you can leave your dog sometimes with a clear conscience itself. Through their hunting and exploration instinct, almost every dog ​​without a fencing would have disappeared very quickly.

Another great advantage is that you – depending on the dog fence variant – also deny access from outside unwelcome guests. So you can avoid the stranger feed your dog or even take it with you. Dog fences are available in many different variants.

Variants of dog fences

Roughly, dog fences can be distinguished in two variants: a visible variant (so-called physical fence) in the traditional sense and an invisible variant in the form of an electric dog fence . Traditional visible dog fences are mostly wooden fences, metal fences or even plastic fences. An unsafe dog fence can be laid underground or overground (then almost invisible). On the invisible dog fence or electric dog fence / dog fence electric I go on under.

Finally, what is a mobile dog fence?

A mobile dog fence has, as the name implies the property that the dog fence is mobile , so it is easy to build and dismantle with manageable effort. As an example you can see pasture fences that are used for a certain time to fence in pastures (eg for a herd of sheep).

Even some invisible dog fences can be used mobile. For this purpose, but due to the effort they build up and dismantle rather the aboveground variants. Even simple electric fences for example for cow meadows are often used mobile.

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