Organize a Stylish Bachelor Party For Women With These Tips!

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When you think of a bachelor party for women, you will probably spontaneously see the image of a group of women that makes the streets unsafe with spicy gadgets, missions with passersby and a set of rabbit ears on the head.

And the internet is also bursting with ideas for daring accessories and singles activities to cheer up the bachelor party.

But not every bachelorette likes to be embarrassed. So if you want to save the bachelorette of red jaws, you can also make a tasteful bachelorette party with the following ingredients: a mysterious program, cute sweaters or t-shirts with text, stylish party decorations and as icing on the cake an original photo collage as gift.

Here are the tips!

Bachelor Party Program

bachelor party program

First you have to decide whether you will make it a full day, a bachelor party or a fancy brunch. Consultation with all guests – with the exception of the bachelor in question, of course, because this must remain a surprise – which activities you want to do: try oysters, make the sauna unsafe, take a private lesson in yoga, take the bachelor and take a day trip in a neighboring country…

Now write this program out, try to add the right timing and convert the activities into enigmatic descriptions.

Bachelorette Clothing

Personalized outfits belong to a bachelor party. In the summer these can be personalized t shirts for women, in winter you go for sweaters.

For example, an idea is to put on a t-shirt or sweater that says Bride to be with an arrow to the left or to the right. Walk as much as possible on the right side of the bachelor all day or evening so that the arrows point to her. And of course take some pictures of this funny setup.

personalized t shirts for women

You can also divide the program of the day over the different sweaters or t-shirts. Leave the times here and have each activity announced by the person wearing the garment of that part.

Another idea for clothing at a bachelor party is that everyone on their sweater or t-shirt puts a short text with a funny anecdote from the bride in the play, a song text or poem that you both have good memories of or a quote that you find appropriate for the bachelor.

  • Left black
  • Left white
  • Right black
  • Right white

Decoration singlet evening

If you organize a bachelor party at someone’s home or at a location where you can add your own party decorations, these are a few ideas:

  • Create a flag line with origami hearts and photos of the couple. Read in this post how you do this.
  • Also personalized bottles of champagne cannot be missed: design a bottle label or surprise cards with the same group photo that you have taken to make up the program board.
  • Add glitter and glamor to the party by making ice cubes with glitters or mini hearts and put the bottles of champagne or wine in a transparent bucket with these glitzy ice cubes.
  • Create candy bags with personalized sweets such as hearts or m&m’s with the names of the future couple.
  • Provide a large bowl with red fruit and use heart shaped cutters to poke out watermelon and strawberries in the shape of hearts.

Tickets for the bachelorette

Everyone blows up a balloon and writes with a pen a personal wish – or makes a beautiful drawing – for the bride. Let the balloon deflate now: this will give you a very fine and detailed text or drawing. Leave it for a few hours until the ink is completely dry and then staple on a card with your wishes and a nice photo of you.

Singles activities

Professional photo shoot

One of the bachelor activities that cannot be missed on the program is a professional photo shoot. Make something prettier than a typical snapshot: choose a theme together, take the appropriate (dressed up) clothes for this theme and also provide a beautiful outfit for the bachelor. Make sure the photographer of service knows his / her style so that you get a professional result that you can later print as a gift for the bachelor on canvas.

Ideas for themes:

  • Great Gatsby chic
  • 80s with sporty, flue outfits
  • Tough chicks with glitter and leather
  • Picnic in green with jumpsuits

Put your head through

If you still want to do a bachelor’s assignment where you have to address people on the street, do the following: find a photo of the married couple, both looking straight into the lens *. Print this photo in full size on a poster and cut a hole in the poster where the faces are. Every woman can now choose a man on the street she likes and let the bride in it form a couple for a moment by letting him put his head through the hole.

Attention: look carefully at the dimensions of the poster and make sure that the dimensions of the head will correspond with reality!

* You can also use a film poster, a picture of a famous painting or make a large drawing yourself. Or search Google for “Face in hole” to find other examples.

Bachelor party quiz

A bachelor activity that fits during the aperitif is a short quiz to test which bridesmaid knows his bride best. Make sure you ask questions that elicit funny answers, such as:

  • Who is the celebrity crush of the bride?
  • What is the most annoying property of her bridegroom according to the bride?
  • If the bride finds € 10 000, what would she do with it?
  • In what way did the bride and groom get to know each other?

Write down the questions on photo cards * on which everyone writes their answers and then give them to the bachelor. A beautiful – and undoubtedly hilarious – reminder of the bachelor party!

* Also choose the “Design your own card” page at the top of the page, so you can easily add text fields, photos and symbols.


A bachelor party is not complete if the bachelorette does not tear a tear when she receives her gift. Make a pearl of it in this way: ask everyone who is present at the bachelor party to take a photo in advance in which they hold a large sheet and stand in front of a beautiful wall (special color, brick, concrete, …) You can also have one appoint someone who will take all photos so that they have the same quality.

On the magazine everyone writes with a thick pen their personal wish, a quote, poem or inside joke for the bride. Or everyone can show separate words that together form one sentence.

Now make a collage of these photos around a large picture of the couple and print them as a gift in large format (on canvas, wood or acrylic glass).

So, after this stylish bachelor party, the bride will shine and the wedding will undoubtedly be a stunner!