10 questions you should ask before hiring the DJ or band for your wedding

Without a doubt, one of the things that is always a headache for the bride and groom when it comes to preparations is the issue of the music they will use for the party wedding bands south wales. One of the questions is whether to hire a live band or packaged music by a DJ and from there comes everything that entails the choice of music, which must be varied and thus reach all the tastes of your guests.

Music is an extremely relevant aspect when we talk about your marriage, since a bad choice can turn your party into a total failure. Today at Zankyou we want to help you so that the choice you make is the right one and for that, make yourself comfortable and write down what questions are key to the correct choice of your DJ or wedding band.

  1. Do you have experience in marriages?
    Nowadays, thanks to social networks, it is much easier to corroborate what the company, the DJ or the band tells you, since you can look for recommendations or comments about previous work. However, a DJ for a pub or nightclub is very different than one for a wedding party , since it is a more transversal audience, where you cannot exclude anyone, on the contrary, you must make all the guests dance. In addition, it is extremely important to work at the same time with the other suppliers who are in charge of the execution of your party, so everyone will be coordinated. This type of logistics only goes hand in hand with companies that have experience in weddings, as confirmed by our friend Javier from Massimo Producciones when he tells us that “the idea is to work together with the catering company and respect the protocol of the event with the times. of the entire celebration.”
  2. What are the services and promotions you offer for this type of party?
    There are many options, from DJ alone which is the most basic, to lighting, amplification and even a special music group for certain important moments of the party. That is why it is very important to know what services they have for you and that they fit your budget. Francisco Gómez from Metrópoli Producciones tells us that “today we can offer different alternatives that can be added to the basics: a band + Audio + Lighting + DJ for continuity, or if only the DJ suits them.”
  3. What type of music is appropriate?
    Here it is very important to have help or someone to guide you in choosing the playlist. From Metrópoli Producciones they share with us how they help the couple in this task; “ What we do is basically take an x-ray of the couple, once we understand where they are going and what they project or what lifestyle they have , we prepare the show and repertoire for this important day. When we offer the DJ service plus the band, we prepare the alignment of both services, it is done based on this roadmap and according to those musical tastes.”
  4. What will the physical space they use be like?
    For many it is a minor detail, but without a doubt, for the bride and groom it is something fundamental, since it must be logistically coordinated so as not to disturb the catering service , or to not dirty the decoration of the party. It must be placed in the right place for the dance floor to function perfectly. Be careful, without forgetting that it is highly recommended that most of the equipment used be wireless or that the cables do not get in the way or dirty the environment.
  5. Until what time can the party last?
    This is the big question for many couples, since who hasn’t experienced that they want to continue with the party until dawn arrives ? Metropolis productions knows this and adapts perfectly. “Without a doubt, as the night progresses, the flexibility that is possible is managed at the end time. It should be noted that this schedule is set according to the schedules set by the event center or the place where the marriage will take place and is seen together with all the participants and suppliers.”
  6. Can I attend a similar test?
    An excellent option that is happening a lot here in Chile today, since there is no better way to try DJing than at another wedding . In this instance you can see the audio, lighting and how his work is reflected on the dance floor.
  7. Is the music for the cocktail party included?
    The vast majority of the musical package for weddings includes cocktail music, lunch or dinner and party, we can even find entertainment and party favors . According to the experience of Massimo Producciones , “the best way to have all these issues under control is to hold meetings with the couple, where the times are defined, the type of music we are going to use at the cocktail party, the type of music we are going to use during lunch or dinner. We offer the complete pack, since it would be a bit complex to see different types of sounds or amplifications with different companies.”
  8. Is transfer included?
    So that nothing surprises you that day, it is better to ask, before signing any contract, if the transportation of the lighting equipment is included in the price they are offering you , since more than one couple has been called hours before the party to ask them how do you go?, or there are even cases where they charge for kilometers and highway tolls separately. Therefore, it is better to ask!
  9. What happens when a contingency occurs?
    It doesn’t mean being dramatic, but you always have to be prepared and for this you need to know what the alternatives are in case something fails that day. For example, what happens if the DJ gets sick or can’t attend, who would replace him, or if something unexpected happens with the technical team. It’s always good to have a plan B.
  10. How much time in advance should this service be contracted?
    Know what the times are like and, depending on the market, if it is advisable to quote when you already have the place for the party, since you must remember that these production companies do not only work with wedding parties, there are many that organize different events and therefore Therefore they have a highly requested agenda. To ensure that everything goes perfect, it is recommended at least 10 months before the special day.

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