5 delicious DESSERTS to choose from

Finding the tastiest desserts in the world is no easy task. Of course subjectivity exists and some people will like ice cream more than cake, but in any case we review which are the best desserts so that you can choose how to finish your meals and surprise your diners with the most delicious options Freeze dried candy for sale.

The pavlova dessert
A dessert that, in addition to being tasty, has a peculiar history. It combines meringue and red fruits, achieving a unique mix of flavors that invites people of all ages.

These cute little sweet treats are a perfect way to end a meal. They are prepared with egg white, ground almonds, icing sugar and sugar. Depending on the area and time of year, macarons are prepared with different flavors. The main characteristic by which these snacks are recognized is the color, since different colorings are used to highlight the desserts.

Black Devil’s Cake
One of the most exquisite chocolate cakes . Black devil’s cake is very easy to make and has an overloaded chocolate flavor, ideal for those who enjoy the wonderful touches of cocoa in desserts of all kinds.

Flan is a typical dessert that is also known as leche asada. It is usually eaten with dulce de leche or cream. In its origins, flan was sprinkled with pepper in the ancient Roman empire, luckily culinary techniques advanced and it was decided to opt for sugar.

Brownies with ice cream
A delicious chocolate brownie accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is one of the most delicious desserts for those who enjoy ice cream and chocolate, combining intense flavor to obtain an excellent closing for a lunch or dinner with friends. The chocolate and chopped walnut brownie has a more bitter and intense flavor, but it combines perfectly with the sweetness of the ice cream.

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