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It is no secret that, in the digital age, client acquisition strategies for the legal sector are changing. For a law firm to have a solid vision of the future, it needs to be (like any other business, obviously) on the Internet divorce lawyer huntersville.

Although a law firm can operate through other traditional means such as word of mouth, business cards and fellow lawyers, having a marketing plan for lawyers that includes an SEO strategy is essential to have continuity as a firm.

Working with an SEO strategy will allow a law firm to reach more clients and potential markets, connect with the target audience, increase acquisition at the top of the conversion funnel , and generate more service contracts.

If you want to know how to position your law firm’s website , we invite you to continue reading today’s blog, where we tell you how to start working on your firm’s SEO strategy to attract more clients.

SEO : the marketing strategy for lawyers that works best.
You will agree that the key elements for a law firm to attract more clients are building trust, problem solving and a reputation as an expert lawyer . Therefore, if the objective is to attract potential clients with a marketing plan for lawyers, you must strategically work on these elements with different actions and through certain channels, depending on the behavior and frequency of use given by those users who have more probability of hiring your service: that is, the buyer persona of a law firm.

Due to the type of service that a law firm offers, it would be a mistake to focus your strategic efforts on having a presence on social networks, or at least not with the objective of attracting clients. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 Spaniards use social networks daily for almost 2 hours, but do they do it to solve legal problems? (we will not give the answer).

However, the latest report prepared by Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that, in Spain, almost 44 million people are Internet users and among the main reasons for browsing the Internet, 75% do so to search for information. Furthermore, the most visited website is

It is very likely that, in that 75% of users looking to find an answer to a query, your buyer persona is searching for information about a problem or legal issue . Someone to help you (in between ‘legal style’) understand the language of legal documents, or what to do in a complex legal situation that really distresses you.

Therefore, Google is without a doubt the channel that any lawyer must use in their digital marketing plan to achieve client acquisition objectives. But what can you do to get your law firm to appear in Google results?

At Propulsia we always suggest to our clients in the legal sector, improve web positioning or start with an SEO strategy in their law firm, if they have not implemented it yet. Simply because, apart from being organic traffic (without investment), it works on the key elements that we have mentioned before: generating trust in your audience, solving your potential client’s problems, and your reputation as an expert lawyer .

Having an SEO strategy for lawyers will allow you to:

Improve the positioning of your website.
Gain authority and differentiate yourself from the competition .
Generate more traffic to your website.
Enhance the services you offer as a lawyer.
Attract new potential clients.
And most importantly, don’t lose customers!

However, remember that each improvement or action you make in the web positioning of your law firm will require a reasonable amount of time for Google to be able to understand, index and assess that you are the most relevant result for the user’s search. Keep in mind that the SEO strategy is not immediate, but rather you have to be patient and be sure that you are investing in the future of your office.

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