5 online marketing tips for the days of the year with the most sales

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas are 3 dates to highlight in your business’s marketing plan . Good opportunities to increase your sales if you plan your strategy in advance. You are ready? Consumers are already waiting for you buy facebook comments.

70% of Internet users buy online, a third of the Spanish population buys online and 40% do so on a regular basis . And these numbers grow every year. With this data, the first action you should take is clear:

  1. Get your online store ready: at this time, internet traffic is expected to increase considerably, so you should review the operation of your website on mobile. If your website crashes you will send your potential buyer to the competition. The consumer does not like to wait.
    Take advantage and start preparing the sheets of the most interesting offers.
  2. Think now about the content you are going to create. Talk to your client , tell them stories, describe well the products you offer, tell them what they will save if they take advantage of the discounts you offer because who doesn’t give a gift at Christmas?

Give them useful, romantic or fun gift ideas for friends or family…
Apply SEO and use keywords that will make you reach a greater number of consumers.

  1. Start your social media campaign early. Start by creating expectation, spread the contents of your website and use the appropriate messages on each channel . You can reach more people if you carry out an advertising strategy that segments your potential buyers. Personalizing the message is important.
  2. For this reason, don’t forget email marketing. Remember that approximately 60% of website visits are made from mobile devices.
  3. The power of the image is undeniable. Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text . The great impact caused by an image, a video or an infographic will enhance your product and if you surround them with related content that provides value, you will make your campaign take you even further.

Time is one of the factors that you must control. You can’t start thinking about the campaign a week before. It won’t help you. Persuasion needs time and calm to reach the consumer in an effective way. Have you already started designing your campaign for the days of the year with the most sales?

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