Tips for traveling through the Brazilian Amazon

It is the largest tropical forest in the world, a unique experience in full contact with nature. Without a doubt, one of the places that no one should miss in their life. Below, we give you some tips for traveling through the Brazilian Amazon and enjoying everything beautiful it has to offer.

The Amazon, what to know
Just by naming “Amazon”, anyone recreates an image in their mind: tropical jungle, leafy trees, rivers, multicolored flowers, immense amount of wild animals, aboriginal tribes, green, green and more green. That is in a few words, what a traveler will find in this lung located in a large part of South America, most of it in Brazilian territory Kambo Training.

Alexander Von Humboldt was the first white man to undertake an expedition to the Amazon, about 47% of Brazil. On a trip similar to that of this globetrotter, you can discover hundreds of tributaries with brownish waters, trees whose height is impossible to measure with the human eye, its tropical and humid climate and several animal and plant species still unknown to science.

What to know in the Amazon
The city of Manaus is located very close to the Amazon jungle and that will be the first place. Then, already in the “forest”, it is necessary to know the “Terra firma” (lowland tropical forest), the Varzea forest, with a lot of sediments, surrounded by rivers with white water and where some typical species are located such as the Walnut. Brazil or Latex. In addition, the Igapo Forest and its black rivers are unmissable.

A visit to this place is ideal to experience new sensations, be in full contact with nature and, if you are lucky, observe some wild animals in their habitat. In the Anavilhanas area there are many crocodiles and if you travel to the Río Negro, you will learn about the acidity of its waters and the impossibility of certain species surviving.

It is also interesting to know the Mamirauá Ecological Reserve, where you can observe birds and primates that were rescued from the jungle; or the Ecopark Amazonas, in a semi-protected area, surrounded by lakes Piranha and Mamori.

As for the best time to travel to the Amazon , it should be said that it is all year round, since the climate practically does not change 365 days. It will depend on what you want to see, since from November to May, for example, it is the rainy season and flooding on certain walks may prevent a complete journey. The moment when the trees bear fruit is also unmissable, because many animals such as monkeys, parrots or macaws are visible, a whole spectacle apart.

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