5 Techniques for Law Firms

Five tips to attract more clients in a law firm by working on SEO.

1- Research the keywords of your niche.
Rule number one is know your potential client . It goes without saying that each of your services is aimed at a type of audience and that, by your rates, you will determine their socioeconomic range, their fears and concerns and even the use they give to their digital devices. All of this will help you understand how he searches the Internet for his questions, what words he uses and what tone of voice he feels most comfortable with. If you are already clear about all of this, you will know what the keywords in the legal sector are and if you have not done so yet, we recommend that you use tools such as Ubersuggest, Google Trends or the Google Ads keyword planner. We also recommend Answer the Public, which gives you a global view of how users search Law tutors.

For example, imagine that one of the services you offer as a lawyer within Family Law is divorce management. In the following image you can see the result offered by the Answer the Public tool with the keyword “divorce”. Having a global vision of how a user searches beyond the main keyword will give you many clues about the words you should include in your lawyer website, or even ideas about the legal topics that have the most searches and that you can solve with a content strategy for the blog.

2- Optimize images, texts and web architecture.
For Google to better understand all the information on your website and be able to show it as the most relevant option, you need to optimize it through so-called On Page SEO . This strategy consists of preparing your website from within, to improve its natural position in Google searches.

The texts must contain the keywords that you have chosen to position yourself, but it is not about the structure of your website being full of lawyer keywords, but rather trying to ensure that all your texts. Be focused on conversion through persuasive techniques and copywriting formulas. Create pages that respond to a specific search intent. Don’t mix services.
Images rank highly on Google, so we recommend that you take care of this section like any other. Use your own images, with a compatible and light format to improve loading and retention time. Putting this in place will help you position your website better, but don’t forget to tag them so that Google understands, indexes and displays them. To tag your images you have to do it from the ALT attribute (here you will have to include the main keyword that refers to the image). In addition to all of the above, think that an image of the office itself will generate confidence in users.
The web architecture must also follow SEO regulations . We recommend that your services be on different pages to avoid channeling, that is, urls that point to the same keyword.
Within On Page SEO you must also work on the title and meta descriptions, both to give signals to Google and to increase the % of clicks that your website will receive.

It’s no secret that users use mobile more than the desktop version, so remember that your design, images, text and architecture are responsive.

3- Create relevant content on the blog.
A fundamental aspect that will allow you to generate trust and closeness with a potential client is in the content strategy of your blog page . This section allows you to include keywords related to your services and talk about those topics that are of value to your audience. In addition, the posts must include direct links to your services within the body of the text (which does not mean that they are focused solely on selling, but rather that this content will be more informative and informative, taking into account the sales objective).

At Propulsia we recommend publishing at least once a week on the blog , since Google rewards those websites that update their content on a recurring basis with greater visibility. Regarding the length of the blog, there is no specific number of words, it is advisable to write with the length that the topic requires. Don’t write to write.

4- Don’t forget about local SEO .
Your potential clients who do not have references are looking to hire a lawyer through Google and depending on their location, the results will be different. Therefore, including your law firm in the Google My Business and Google Maps tool will allow your legal services to be displayed by location, which generates a very high conversion rate due to the user’s intentionality and willingness to attend. to a specific location.

One of the most important aspects of local SEO (and one that will help you a lot) are reviews. This is where clients publish their opinion about the legal services you have offered them, therefore, think that the most important thing as a lawyer is, without a doubt, the client experience.

Tip: We recommend that, within your website, and continuing with the structure dedicated to conversion , you include real Google reviews as a testimonial since they inspire confidence, give credibility to your law firm and influence purchasing decisions for new ones. users.

5- Start working on SEO for lawyers as soon as possible.
This last tip may be the least technical, but it is the most important. According to Internet Live Stats, more than 6 billion Google searches are performed per day, not working on your web positioning is only making you lose the opportunity to generate more clients for your law firm.

Keep in mind that the world of SEO is infinite and due to Google’s changing algorithm, every day there are more rules to implement in a web positioning strategy that allows you to generate more traffic and get new customers: loading speed, activation of Sitelinks, checking broken links to do link building or Featured Snippets, among others.

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