Air cargo transport on charter vs. regular line

A cargo charter flight is a custom-made private air shipment that can consist of one or several routes, while the regular line service corresponds to air transportation organized in advance by third parties to which clients must adapt according to the route offering and flights بلیط کیش.

Charter or regular line for air cargo transportation

When choosing an air cargo transportation service, whether a cargo charter flight or a regular line, you must evaluate your needs to choose the best one for you since no service is better than the other, they simply respond to different needs:

  • The charter service is private and tailored according to what is required for a specific operation. One or more routes can be made and the conditions are not fixed, but it is necessary to negotiate a specific contract for each operation according to the route, the stopovers and the type or quantity of merchandise, among other aspects. Generally the client sets the conditions of the required service except for technical or meteorological issues.
  • The regular line service is transportation organized in advance, so it is necessary for the client to adapt to the routes and flights offered by the airline. The main advantage is the stable rates and conditions that allow shipments to be planned according to a previously set calendar.

Charter service adapted to the needs of your cargo
With the cargo charter service you will get air freight transportation that adapts to your project, not the other way around. If you have a project with special needs, it is recommended to hire a charter flight, as it is the most flexible and fastest solution.

If you don’t fit into regular schedules, your merchandise has special characteristics, or you need to take it to a destination that is outside commercial routes, charter flights may be the best option for you.

Some of our charter air freight shipments
As an example of our cargo charter services, during the first half of 2021 we chartered two aircraft for emergency charter flights from Madrid and Lisbon to Medellín with raw materials for a client whose main need is to have all the raw materials in the plant.

The services provided by our air transportation team in Colombia included the coordination of the charter flight with the airline , ensuring that the release and delivery times of the merchandise were met. The first arrival with the Madrid – Medellín route took place in May, as did the second with the Lisbon – Medellín route.

Our client had another possibility regarding his need, and that was to have a flight in normal capacity, with the partial load arriving in Colombia. However, a charter was necessary since it was an emergency in terms of material and the operation required special customs procedures since it was carried out on a weekend, an airplane unloading operation, document release and delivery of merchandise was carried out at night.

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