Medicinal plants: use their properties as healing therapy

Have you heard of phytotherapy? It is an alternative medicine technique that uses the healing properties of medicinal plants to maintain the health of the body. This method is as old as the world began, and it tries to enhance the benefits of nature to provide preventive, palliative and curative remedies Rapé.

If you are interested in the topic, keep reading. Today we are going to reveal to you what phytotherapy consists of and how plants can become great medicinal alternatives. In addition, you can expand your knowledge about these types of methods with our specialized qualification. Now you can become an Expert Phytotherapy Technician at your own pace.

The ABC of medicinal plants
To become a true expert in medicinal plants and their properties, it is important that we go back to their origins.

The truth is that the use of plants as alternative medicine began in the era of Prehistory. In fact, it has been proven that all cultures have used vegetables for therapeutic purposes. And today they are still used, especially in poorly industrialized societies with difficult access to conventional medicines.

However, to manipulate and extract its healing properties requires certain knowledge. Not the entire plant can serve us nor can it be prepared in any way. The therapeutic action lies in the so-called active ingredients, that is, in the chemical substances they contain. We may only use the leaves, flowers or stem. Once identified in which part these properties are concentrated, they are prepared to be taken.

Infusions are the most common Western preparation, although pharmaceutical companies have also learned to present them in the form of dragees or tablets. However, the World Health Organization promotes an initiative to promote the correct consumption of medicinal plants.

What is phytotherapy?
Phytotherapy is one of the various natural therapies that exist and that use medicinal herbs as a therapeutic remedy. It is fundamentally based on knowing perfectly the beneficial properties of plants to create remedies that help relieve symptoms, prevent them or treat certain health disorders.

Its few toxic effects have made phytotherapy a deeply rooted therapeutic alternative in many homes. Infusions, preserves, concoctions… Medicinal plants and phytotherapy have been used since the times of our grandparents and ancestors. Even so, it is important that if we lack experience and knowledge, it is better that we consult a specialist before undergoing a treatment of this type.

There are several ways to manipulate plants to extract their full healing potential. But the most common are drinks, such as infusions or teas, essential oils, natural creams or compresses and finally, herbal dragees.

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