Find a Dog Trainer – 10 Tips For Picking the Right One

When you finish reading this article, you will have learned 10 important tips for hiring the right trainer for your dog. Be sure to read clear through to the end or you will miss some of this very valuable information.

Not every owner can hire “The Dog Whisperer”

Maybe you can’t hire the “dog whisperer” but if your dog’s behavior is consistently bad or if you are a novice dog owner, you may want to hire a trainer to teach your pet the basics. Toward this end, here are 10 tips for choosing a good Dog daycare Houston.

  1. The trainer should use techniques that do not harm the dog in any way.
  2. His methods should be above reproach and he should treat the dog fairly and firmly, but not in and unkind manner.
  3. Does the trainer get to know the dog? In other words, does he work to become familiar with the dog’s personality and its needs before he commences training.
  4. Does the trainer keep you informed as to how the dog is progressing?
  5. Does the trainer require your presence during the actual training?
  6. How much does the trainer charge? Do the charges seem reasonable? Have you “comparison shopped” other trainers so you know what a fair price should be?
  7. Does the trainer tell you in how many weeks you will see real results?
  8. Does the trainer praise the dog?
  9. Does the dog seem comfortable with the trainer?
  10. Does the trainer provide you with information that you can utilize after the training process has been completed?

These are just 10 tips for choosing the right dog trainer. Sometimes, the problem is that the owner simply cannot get a handle on the dog’s behavior. One of the things that many trainers will tell you is that when a new dog first enters the home, it will immediately want to establish its territory. It wants to become the alpha dog. Thus, it wants to rule the house, leaving you at wit’s end.

The key to the successful training of any dog of any breed, is to become the alpha male. Once the dog understands you are the “pack leader,” it will conform to your commands no matter what they are. Of course, this will take time but it does work and it can be done calmly and with care and love.

Finally, there is one more consideration in choosing the right trainer. You can either sign up for private training or you can elect to join a group training class. If you decide on group training, the same 10 tips apply. But, in this case, you may want to ask the trainer if your dog could be given individual instruction, in addition to the group training.

Most owners find group training to be an enjoyable experience as do most dogs. In fact, most dogs like being trained with other dogs. The dog tends to be calmer since he is part of a pack which is natural for him or her. This socialization with other people and dogs is important and can prevent unpleasant future encounters with other dogs.

Many experts believe that the best of both worlds is to have a personal dog trainer and group sessions. The personal trainer can help you cope with the dog, and the group training can help the dog learn how to live a happier, more structured life.

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