LGV Driver Training

LGV stands for “Large Goods Vehicle”. This type of driving requires a licensing process. This process requires a certain amount of training. The process of training to be an LGV driver is slightly different than that for becoming an HGV driver. Also, those who are interested in becoming an LGV driver need to note that The series of steps to becoming an LGV driver starts before the training. The first step to becoming this type of driver is to take a medical examination which would be provided by the potential driver’s doctor. The second step to receiving LGV training would be to have a driver’s assessment. This usually means that a driver who holds a Category C license for driving a rigid truck would have their current driving skills assessed Hgv medical.

The third step of LGV training would be to enroll in a one-day theory course. After this day is completed then the LGV written test would be taken. Then, if a person has not already done so they will need to train first to gain the Category C license.If a driver already has experience driving the rigid truck for which a Category C license is needed that driver will be able to prepare to obtain the Category C+E license. In either case, the driver must have spent some time on the road driving a Category C vehicle before moving up to the Category C+E type vehicles. After the Category C assessment, training and testing is done then the trainee will be ready for the LGV training, which requires the LGV license. This training includes an assessment of skills before the LGV license is issued. The minimum age for driving an LGV vehicle is age 21 (Category C+E vehicle), and the minimum age for driving an HGV (Category C vehicle) is 18. The cost of LGV training and/or HGV training varies. The cost could range from £600 to £1,000 for each type of training. Those who are serious about receiving this type of vehicle training are advised to get as high of a quality of training as affordable.

If finances are a problem often driver trainees are able to find financial aid through a variety of sources. For example, some people may be able to take out a loan to finance this training, or some people may receive gifts from family members in order to receive this training.
Those who complete the LGV driver training are likely to earn more than those who have completed the HGV driver training. Some drivers will make up to £35,000 a year driving while drivers of HGV may make at least a few thousand dollars or more less than that.In order to be a successful LGV trainee and driver those who are working to become this type of driver need to remember a few important things. For one, those who seek this type of work must not mind driving for hours at a time. Furthermore, they must be polite to customers that they serve at pick-ups and drop-offs.The position of an LGV driver is a very important one so those who are involved in this type of training must not take it lightly.

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