Learn the 5 steps to pass chemistry exams

Science is one of the most complicated subjects for students, including mathematics, physics and chemistry. For this reason, in this blog we will talk about the 7 keys to passing the exams in this subject. Even so, we recommend that, if you have learning difficulties, you take private chemistry classes, where the teacher can help you first-hand.

Step 1: Assimilate the concepts
What most understand by studying and that is why many end up looking for private chemistry classes. Sit in front of the blank syllabus, without knowing anything Chemistry WordPress Blog, other than the teachers’ explanation, and start reading. What in most subjects is the only thing you have to do in chemistry is just the first step. Within this phase we must:

Understand: read the concepts and understand them, the sooner we do it the better. Understanding is something basic, therefore, it is important, but only the beginning.
Review: no one gets the idea the first time and retains it. A trick done by online chemistry teachers is to make little cards and review them before bed or at the same time every day.
Make learning easier: use diagrams or drawings and stick them in your room as a poster, this way it will be much easier for you to study. When practicing, you can leave problems in books and notebooks and stir them up every time you come across one.

Step 2: Internalize the concepts
Once understood, all that remains is to retain them and know how to put them into practice. It is one of the things that differentiates chemistry from other subjects. Once you understand and master the terms, you have to know how to apply them.

Memorize: it is important not to memorize if you have not understood something, but once you understand you have to keep it in your mind anyway. You can use very useful mnemonic rules.
Practice: there is no other way to learn chemistry than by doing exercises. As the exam approaches you can ask your chemistry teacher for some models of previous exams.
Study in a group: in science subjects it is always a good idea. If you study in a group, you will be able to compare exercises and know what you are doing well and what you are doing wrong, without having to wait for the time of a private chemistry class.

Step 3: Prepare for the exam
Apart from learning the subject, you will have to study to pass a chemistry exam, whatever it takes. For this, it is important to attend class and listen to the teacher. If necessary, you can receive some private chemistry classes to fix the content.

Be clear about the syllabus: it is important that you take into account the exam syllabus. What goes in and what doesn’t go in. This way you will avoid surprises when the time comes to take the test.
Stick to the syllabus: do not study more or less than what is going to be included. Do not take risks and leave topics to study thinking that they are less important and do not study things that are no longer relevant.
Prepare the material: it is very important that you have all the material needed for the exam ready. Don’t forget your calculator if they let you bring it.
Rest: it is important to arrive at the test with a rested mind, so try to get enough sleep the night before and leave a little time between the last study session and the exam. exam, so as not to become saturated.

Step 4: Take the exam
When facing a chemistry exam there are a series of things that you have to take into account. Your chemistry teacher will help you with tricks and study techniques. Some are common to the rest of the exams and others are only on this subject.

Organize your time: mark each problem with the time you think it will take you to complete each one and keep that in mind to do them in the order that best suits you.
Read and understand: it is important that you read the problems several times and make sure you have understood them. If necessary, write down what you think needs to be done so you don’t forget.
Show the process: doing the operations on a dirty sheet of paper is fine, but try to put the process on the exam later, this may give you points.
Keep calm: if it does not give you the result you expected or you think it is wrong, it is important not to panic, review each part of the exercises step by step.
Check twice: once the problem is solved, go over it a couple of times to know if it is right or not.

Chemistry exams are one of the things that students fear the most, but you just have to practice and practice to pass them.

Step 5: Other tasks you can perform
Learn science

To pass any science exam, the first thing we have to do is master the theory, those terms that are central to chemistry. In particular chemistry classes, we learn that they are the theories that give meaning to our world and that if we do not understand them we will not be able to apply them.

For this it is important to know the history of science, to know how these theories were generated and what they mean. Disseminating and educating in science is much more than getting students to memorize formulas and apply them. Therefore, there are science teachers. It is to encourage curiosity and thus they will understand how important it is to learn chemistry and everything will be much easier.

Work the math
This is a part that many students want to avoid, but a good chemist knows how to master mathematics. The most normal thing is that in private chemistry classes you also exercise your mathematical side. Perhaps, if your only purpose is to pass these subjects, you do not need to follow a very complex mathematics syllabus, but it is good to do logic exercises that will help you. It is important that you work on mathematics so that later you can do chemistry exercises more easily.

Make learning chemistry easier
Science subjects are usually very scary. So many operations, calculations and terms so foreign to our daily lives may scare us. But don’t get frustrated, everything is simpler than it may seem.

Try to reduce everything to simple language, have a online private teacher and try to understand everything from your point of view. Sometimes a chemical theory can sound very complex, when perhaps it only explains why a light bulb turns on so quickly or why things fall to the ground. Try to see it in a simple way.

The sciences are not a great monster that is impossible to master, they are just a way of explaining the world and the universe that surrounds us. If you look at it simply, with your words and your own vision, there is no chemistry that can resist you.

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