INVESTMENTS FOR BEGINNERS – Insider Secret Investments For Beginners That Will Create Wealth

Have you ever wondered like a lot of many other people about the current economic crisis and what the future holds? Is what the media or the government telling us the truth about the current state of our economy? My reason for writing is not to make friends but to present to you, nothing but the whole truth as a lot of people are not being told the truth. It is very sad to see that many are continuously being lied to by the media about the gradually and incessantly grim and worse economic and political realities not just nationally Lukas Lindler, but on a worldwide scale. What makes it worse is that the public is satisfied with the pleasure of the present and the very instant rather than the current denial of themselves for a better future both for themselves and their children.

Like I said, many people are indeed not facing the hard truth – that what used to work before is not working anymore. Do you remember the common and usual notion of putting your investments in the hands of your supposedly friendly neighbor called your Financial Advisor who is very knowledgeable about helping you in a very sincere way to protect & grow your financial investments or portfolio? Yes, of course, he’s the nice man that seems to know quite a bit about you and even cares a great deal to give you a call to wish you a happy birthday and checks in with you during holidays. You’re probably wondering now, “So, will he steer me in the wrong direction?”

Well, let me share another one of his notable characteristics. He is the great adviser that told not only you, but the rest of his clients, to be well-rounded, balanced and well-diversified in mutual funds. My question to you is how is that working for you? Perhaps, you should ask him to show you his own financial portfolio to see how he is personally doing with his investments… Then, perhaps, you will have a change of mind as to how to immediately change course.

My writing on growing your money reminds me of the bible story of the servants with talents – especially the one with one talent. He had buried his talent with the hope of protecting it so that he wouldn’t lose it. But the problem with that as well, is that keeping your money safely in your savings account is not only being of disservice to you, but rather, it’s hurting you as well. You need to keep in mind the fact that there is constant inflation in the economy and as a result, the money you keep in your bank, not just only several months or several weeks, but even as little as several days later may be worth much less in value that what it was when you put it into your account initially. So, putting your money away in the bank, burying it or storing it will hurt you, rather than help you. That is the cold, hard but once again, sincere and truthful facts that you need to sincerely come to terms with now.

Now, for those of us who still remember the bible story or parable, what was the recommendation to the “talent-burying” servant? Well, he was told to have given it to money changers – or those with an expert knowledge of handling one’s finances, so that they could bring in a great return for him, rather than let his investment go idle or dwindle in value. But, then some may go back to the answer of keeping their investments with their “most knowledgeable” Financial Advisors. Once again, my response will be that if your Financial Advisor is making great returns in his own personal portfolio that you would like to have, then by all means, you can perhaps follow him. Otherwise, begin your search today and do not stop until you have found that financial expert that you know is making it big in the investing world and go with him or her and follow his/her financial principles and philosophy, so that you can begin to achieve the results that he/she is having, that you would love to have.

So, let me ask you this question… what has prompted you to continue reading this article this far? I believe it’s because you are still waiting for my sure-fire and guaranteed way to make it in the world of investing and the financial markets, especially in today’s current economic crisis. Well, a few of us called the insiders are… (wait for it… ) investing in precious metals and emerging markets. Precious metals? Absolutely! Follow-up question: Did you notice what recently happened in the financial markets, particularly, the 1st of March, 2011? There was quite a significant drop in the market – in the DOW and S&P, but this is just the beginning. Personally, and I feel that would be the same for many of the investors making it big in this rapidly declining economy, the tried and true formula which many have always thought the DOW and S&P stocks are for asset growth and retirement freedom is not working anymore.


So, what would my conclusion be on this very serious note? The truth of the matter, for those willing to listen and take action, is that the state of the affairs of the economy – the economic and political realities in the US and on the global horizon, are getting grim and worse… and it will probably get much more worse. So, what is my recommendation? If you were to defy the nature of the public which is for them to reject the truth and continue in the error of their ways, you would be willing to sacrifice and defer your current and enhanced lifestyle until a much further and future date, that is, until after you must have been well-positioned for the profiting in this economical crisis.

My sincere and best advice to you is to begin to change your ways and to begin to put all your eggs in the basket of precious metals. For things to change for you, you have to change. My final and very simple questions to you are: “How will your life change if you begin to take action now?” It is for you to fully implement this idea and to begin to see the results very soon. “Are you invested to the fullest in precious metals, particularly in gold and silver based investments?” and “If you are not, why don’t you begin now and begin to experience the great change many, especially the few insiders, are enjoying today?”

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