Sports Handicapping and Money Management – Part 1

Successful sports investment has as much to do with money management as it does with handicapping sports. It is no exaggeration to declare the following:

“A positive return on sports investing is just as dependent upon rational financial administration as it is upon sports handicapping acumen.”

In fact, the absence of sound money management or use of a flawed system can negate even a long-term advantage in any type of investing and result in a net loss.

Profitable money management via any potentially lucrative method requires discipline. It is critical to first establish available risk capital. This is the amount of money assigned for investing. It should never be from funds reserved for basic living expenses. It is money that if completely lost would not alter one’s standard of living.

Discipline is also required in sports gaming for investing the proper amount of each wager as determined by a sound strategy and not deviating from the game plan. For maximum financial rewards, a suitable fiscal plan must be precisely planned, followed and executed.

After a thorough analysis, PRO INFO SPORTS has developed their own unique powerful money management strategy. In much the same manner as they examine potential investment opportunities, they gathered pertinent information, computed and scrutinized the data, and have taken the most logical and lucrative position.

Just as their sports handicapping opinions and expert sports picks are often “contrarian”, meaning contrary to the prevailing “wisdom” of the public gambling on sports, their revolutionary money management system may be considered contrarian as well.

Of course, whether it is considered conventional or not has absolutely no bearing on its success. It is not based on emotions, biases, or misconceptions, but wholly upon cold, hard numbers.

Flat Sports Gambling Systems

Looking at specifics, there are myriad and conflicting opinions in the sports handicapping and investing industry regarding optimal wagering. Some sports handicappers to avoid endorse a flat sports gambling system wherein the same amount is wagered on each game throughout a season. Others advise wagering a set percentage of bankroll on each event. Differing perspectives on percentage investing include what the fixed percentage should be (ranging from 1 to 15%) and how often the bankroll percentage should be re-calculated.

While there is a measure of mathematical merit to some of these ideas, none solitarily go far enough in maximizing profits while also providing substantial downside risk protection. They are either too fiscally conservative, too risky, or in some cases even both.

To illustrate the latter, consider a flat amount bettor with a starting bankroll of $1000 who decides to wager $20 (2% of his starting bankroll) on each play through a season. If, due to poor sports handicapping and/or bad luck, his funds were to decline by 50% to $500, his next $20 wager would constitute 4% of his bankroll. On the other hand, if he doubled his original bankroll to $2000, his next $20 wager would only be a capital risk of 1%. Flat sports gambling systems or any such schemes that result in incrementally higher-percentage wagers the more you lose and incrementally lower-percentage wagers the more you win, quickly compound losses and diminish gains.

Simply put, it’s a fiscal failure.

Percentage Sports Gambling Systems are the preferred method for professional sports handicappers and investors, and we’ll cover that in our next article – Sports Handicapping And Money Management – Part 2.

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