Electric Dog Fence (electric Fence, Invisible Fence)

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Advance. We will not provide you with further information on electric dog fences at this point as we distance ourselves from this type of dog ownership and education. This concerns as well fence for dogs collars . For the sake of completeness, however, I will briefly talk about the electric fence.

In an  electric dog fence , a cable is laid once around the property. Through this cable flows electricity that is generated by a generator or the socket. The dog gets to a collar receiver, or a collar with a receiving unit. If the dog now approaches the invisible dog fence, the collar receiver sends an impulse (an electric shock!)Over the dog collar. This can be regulated in different pulse levels and in the intensity.

Manufacturers like to advertise that a remote trainer or electric shock is safe for the dog, but there are no power surges for people with heart disease, because electricity is safe for healthy people.

Of course, in theory, it is enough to only lay the dog over the band for a few weeks, until he has learned where he can move freely and from where he gathers painful experiences. And there we are already at the point. It does not matter if the dog collects painful experiences once or a hundred times. Again, once is already too much. There are plenty of other ways to secure your property or to educate the dog accordingly, so that the electronic dog fence is in my opinion a completely superfluous invention.

Please take a look at the online dog course .

If that is not enough, you will get a second food for thought. Dogs are grandmasters in linking things . You do not have to be a big observer. If the cup crumbles there is food, if master says “Gassi”, go for a walk. How about an electrical impulse? When I move in the garden I get electricity. Maybe just a walker walks by when the dog gets an “impulse”. What is the dog learning? Bad stroller. Dangerous stroller.