Dog Training Pads for Better Potty Behavior

A well- mannered and obedient dog can often make any owner proud. In essence, dog training includes leash training, obedient training, and yes, house training. Also, it includes showing tricks,coaching your pet not to bite, keeping them off the furniture, and many other ways. Learn more about training your dog using a pad from this write up.

Puppy training pads have been used by dog owners for quite a long period of time. Generally, these are pads which have got a specific smell normally used to train the dog to ‘go’ outdoors. You can see below are some of the reasons why most dog owners love to use these types of pads:

* Once a dog or a puppy has learned how to ‘go’ outside, this usually turns out to be a life- long behavioral change which is very hard to turn back.

* These pads are not expensive and the method is easier as well as cheaper than the alternatives.

* These pads are readily available offline and online.

* Dogs often learn first when they are trained using these pads.

*The general cleanliness of the house you’re living in is assured. This means that your family members will be less exposed to bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

* Family members will not also be exposed to foul smell because the pads are designed in such a manner that they can hassle free retain smells.

* These pads can easily be used in the vehicles, thus making it easier for you to travel with the dog.

* The pads can be used also by dogs as beds.

Though using these dog training pads is easier than the alternatives like training creates, it is important that you note that you’ll not have overnight results. If for instance, you do not know how the pads are supposed to be used, you may end up being stressed out and in the long run you may even fail to get the desired results. It is thus ideal that you are conscious of how these pads are supposed to be used in order to avoid some of these demerits.

Tips on How to Train a Dog Using a Pad

Here are the basic things that you should have:

* Pet gate

* Newspaper

* Pet’s bed

* Pad

* Soap

* Dog treats



Decide on a location in your house where you’ll want to conduct the training process. It is suggested that you choose a room which is out of the way and which is large enough for the dog to eat in as well as sleep. A pet gate may also be very useful to separate your pet’s area from the rest of the house.


Lay out newspapers across the entire floor of this specific room. However, you must make sure that you overlap the newspapers somewhat to ensure the entire floor of the room is protected.


Put your dog’s food and water dishes in one of the corners of this room. It is however recommended that you place them in the area which is furthest away from the corner in which you would wish your dog to do its business. Put the pet’s toys and bed in a different corner away from the potty area.


Open a package of the dog pads and carefully unfold one of them. Bring the dog to the pad and allow it to sniff it. After this, pet your dog and praise it in order for it not to be fearful of the pad’s presence.


You must ensure that you place the pad in the desired section. Bring your pet to the pad and then have the dog stand with all the four legs squarely on the pad. After this, praise it for standing well on the pad. It is important that you give it a treat for doing so.


Wait for your dog to urinate. Generally, if the dog happens to go on the newspaper rather than the pad, it is ideal that you take the wet newspaper and put it underneath the pad. Clean the floor using water and soap if any urine happens to have seeped underneath, then look for another newspaper and carefully cover the bare spot on your floor.


Check the confinement area for any sign that may show your dog has defecated. Effectively clean up all but leave a tiny bit of the dog’s feces and discard. Put the other small on the pad and show this to the pet without scolding him.


Remove as quickly as possible any soiled newspapers from this room after any accident. Often ensure that you take your pet to the dog pad in order to reinforce that this is where it requires doing its business. Often place your pet profusely each time you happen to notice it’s using the pad instead of the newspaper.


Gradually reduce the amount of the newspaper in this room as your dog becomes more regular in using the dog pad. Make sure that you keep your pet confined to the same area when you’re not directly supervising him till the canine has gone 14 days without pooping anywhere except the dog pad.

When using the dog training pads, you should be ready for a treat always. Pets will basically do the same thing over and over again once het gets a reward. Thus, to make the training to be even more effective, you should make sure you give your pet a treat after doing anything right. However, if the dog fails to do the right thing do not give him a treat, but instead continue with the training process.

Aside from the pet treats, you can as well make use of verbal praises. Basically, by doing this, the pet will feel that what he has done has been appreciated by you. Thus, he will continue soiling on the right place. These are just simple efforts, but you should note that they can make your dog become more obedient.

Last but not the least, the amount of time it normally takes to coach a pet to use a pad differs greatly, so do not in any way give up. If you only follow the tips and instructions above, then, you’re almost done.

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