Why Do People Breed Chihuahua Dogs

Many people breed Chihuahua dogs because the dog intrigues them. After all, the Chihuahua is the oldest breed in America and their large eyes, pointy ears and smooth, short glossy coat are adorable. People that breed them focus greatly on producing the breed standard. A loyal Chihuahua with an infectious personality, playful ferocity and an undeniable devotion that can be read in their eyes as they look at you. Someone that decides to breed them understands that they are producing a brave dog that pays little attention to its own lack of size. They can sometimes be the tiniest guard dog you’ve ever seen, becoming very protective of the people that care for them and wary of strangers. If you breed them, it should be understood that you are dealing with an often high strung dog, however, with proper training this dog will be a loveable devoted companion.

Consider whether or not you are patient and committed enough to breed. The breeds require a lot of veterinarian care. They are prone to eye infections, dental problems, diabetes and a sharp decrease in blood sugar, sometimes resulting in a coma, if left unattended for an extended period of time. They are actually born without a fully developed skull so great care must be taken during their first six months until the skull forms completely.

Once you do breed Chihuahuas it’s unlikely that you’ll go back to another dog. This breed is adored for their size and temperament. This dog even likes to travel, making it a popular breed choice for many Hollywood celebrities over the years, from Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton to Sharon Osborne. Marilyn Monroe’s dog became one of the most photographed dogs in history and the breed’s popularity has continued thanks to movies like Legally Blonde and television shows like The Osbornes. This has only gone on to further people’s interest to breed them.

If you do breed these lovable dogs, their soft fur and coat needs bathed and brushed with regularity. This dog is primarily a lap dog. They become very attached to their master and will constantly show their appreciation by licking your face. The dog’s small size does require some careful attention as they are easy to harm or injure. You should also never leave this dog alone because interactions with larger dogs could be very dangerous since the Chihuahua doesn’t back down.

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