How to Train Your Chihuahua Dog to Stop Chewing

When it comes time to stop your chihuahua chewing behaviours, there are a few things you can do. To start with, do not scold your dog openly or hit them for any reason. No matter how angry you get, make sure you don’t direct it at a dog. Not only does it confuse them, they likely will never figure out what they did wrong. Instead, consider the following actions. Don`t just try to stop your dog from chewing on your things, teach it to chew on the right things. When you catch your puppy chewing on a slipper, get the puppy’s toy, replace it and then praise the dog when it starts chewing on the new toy. This will teach your puppy that the new item is good and the old one is not.

To stop puppy chewing, you need to keep them from getting too bored. Even when not teething, a puppy will chew to keep active. It’s like reading a book for them. Avoid this by getting them plenty of exercise and playing when you’re home. When you’re not home make sure there are stimulating toys that will keep them active.

To prevent your dog from chewing of things like carpet or couch cushions, which they can actively destroy, use a safe, humane spray like Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper that does not taste good to them. They will quickly associate those items with a bad taste that will keep them from chewing there.

It can be very frustrating to stop chihuahua chewing but chewing behaviors in a dog are completely normal, but it should never be directed to your possessions or your fingers. If it is, you’ll need to start shifting it to something different.


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